Sony: Microsoft 'punched themselves out' of next-gen fight

Sony's marketing VP tells GamePro that Microsoft may have "already leveraged all of their big assets" for the Xbox 360 in 2007, leaving 2008 wide open for the PlayStation 3.

GamePro spoke with Sony marketing VP Scott Steinberg at the Game Developers Conference in February. This is a condensed form of that discussion; Steinberg spoke at length about the Blu-ray victory, Microsoft's 2008 game line-up, and possibilities for new PS3 downloads (including the possibility of movies, music, and PS2 games).

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Harry1904481d ago

to talk about on this one.

v1c1ous4481d ago

cause i remember Sony "almost killing their own brand" and then coming back from the brink.

MS certainly is in a slump.

let's give them a year to recuperate like Sony.

i think the Vista blunder has given all aspects of the company a black eye.

wageslave4481d ago

What "vista blunder"? The only blunder that MS made was to allow its detractors and competitors dominate the narrative.

That was a marketing failure, not an engineering one. They need to fire their Advertising/PR/Marketing people and get in the fight, the media has changed, and the old-guard of editorially responsible journalism is dead, its all about blogs and such these days.

They need to get into the trenches and fight their case.

That said, Vista is the second used OS on the planet, more than *BSD (including OSX) and GNU/Linux combined.

Bnet3434481d ago

Vicious, that is quite a good response. Bubbles +1

v1c1ous4481d ago

that's what i meant.

Vista has given microsoft a massive PR black eye.

i am worried that MS is going to focus all resources on getting their software venue, which is undoubtely is their main bread/butter, but neglect everything else, like the xbox brand.

in a way it has already happened. 2007 360 was swimming in good PR in magazines and websites and a lot of advertising and announcements were being made. then came the vista reviews and blunders and the only thing you hear about 360 lately is RROD (which i don't know why for the life of me media is acting like this happened this year and not been a declining issue for the past 3) and the occasional game release.

jwatt4481d ago

Here is a video of a similar interview with Scott talking about the ps3.

MADGameR4481d ago

They were AHEAD of SONY and Nintendo when they released the 360. So I don't think they diserve to recupe. 360 fans were talking all that bs about the PS3 after it has been out for a year.

The Killer4481d ago

they already released halo 3 and their other 2 big exclusives, this year still they have good exclusives but its not as strong as the ps3!
besides ps3 is selling better than 360 everywhere in the world!

v1c1ous4481d ago

and it made Sony humble.

you think ps3 owners would be enjoying all the benefits they are right now (free psn, <$400 price point, home, customizable settings, movies)if sony kept on?

no. they were getting grilled, so they did desperation moves and it worked.

this comment is a bit arrogant, considering the flack they were getting last year. i hope sony remembers where they were not too long ago.

Bubble Buddy4481d ago

It will be a close fight after 2008, but I think Sony will barely win in this gen.

IntelligentAj4481d ago

That's a great comment and couldn't have been put any better. They need to stay humble and not get arrogant.

cmrbe4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

They should be humble like Kojima. Rating MGS4 1 out of 10. Thats some serious humility there. However lets not confuse arrogance and confidence/blunt honest.

masterg4481d ago

These years are the worst for MS. They have made more mistakes than most companies can handle. Luckily for them they have a lot of cash in the bank.

Their first mistake was releasing a 360 that was not ready.
1. It was simply built with bad hardware.
2. To win the battle in the long run you need more than DVD. If they had waited 6 months they would have been able to ship it with HD-DVD and have fixed the RRoD problems.

Their second mistake was Vista.
If they made mistakes with the 360 it's nothing compared with what they did with vista. I know people think the vista problems will be solved with updates. This is not the case. It's simply so poorly built it's hard to believe. Software critics say they have never seen anything like it. Now we hear a new windows is already on the steps.

10 years ago MS was votes number 1 brand in the world.
This year they were voted number 56.

If they aren't careful a new software developer will release a new OS that will make MS obsolete. This is already happening with Office (MicroSoft's biggest cash cow)

LJWooly4481d ago

If PR actually had that much effect on Microsoft's success, they wouldn't be in this industry in the first place.

MSFT have monopolised the PC OS industry, they could make the worst OS known to mankind and it would still sell relatively well, because most businesses, and even home users, have little choice but to upgrade to choose a Windows OS.

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heyheyhey4481d ago

i dont really give a sh!t about what corporate reps have to say about rival consoles

but what he said about the downloads is interesting, and i hope its already a work-in-progress

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

Micro$oft couldn't punch themselves out of a Paper bag!!! ;-D

BRING ON the xBox 480!!! ;-D
(it's got to have a '4' in the name like xBox 360 had a '3' in its name so it looked like it was their 3rd Console!!!)

poopface14481d ago

I loved parappa the rappa. If they made that game on ps3 then I wouldent be able to hold off buying one anymore.

Kaz Hirai4481d ago

Last year Emperor Kutaragi and I humiliated you......this year, we will DESTROY you!
Sony Soldiers- it's time to laugh at Nazisoft and their entire IGNORANT fanbase!


Pain4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )


eagle214481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

Now it's clear and "tru-blu" what is going on at retail and in gamer's minds. Best Buy, Amazon, Gamestop, whatever. You see what's going on. No need to shy away from these discussions. :)

Disagree all you want. It's the truth. And nothing will change the fact that Sony is following up to the world's best selling platform last gen. How many people actually thought this day wouldn't come? You ate that bull last year and are just now starting to get sick. Take some Pepto Bismal. Get well soon. :)

GiantEnemyCrab4481d ago

Sony fishhead says what?? More of that big man talk about the future.

The 360 punched the POS3 right in the face in 06 and 07 and now $ony is getting up and punching back. Do you think MS are going to just roll over and take it? Hell no, they are going to once again sock $ony right in its face again. You seem to be confusing MS for a Sega or something.
No system has nonstop blockbuster games month after month. The 360 is on a down beat with it's games, like $ony was in it's first year while the POS3 has it's heavy hitters coming this year, at least I think who the hell knows beyond MGS4. My point being that if you don't think MS won't repeat a games lineup like 07 again you are crazy. E3 is going to be very interesting.

captainjy4481d ago

How creative and original-"Tru-Blu" Hate to burst your bubble, but the POS3 is only selling well because of BD, not because of games and certainly not because you can mingle in Home or hunt for gay Trophies. Bring on MGS and Gran Turismo, big deal. So you will actually have one title that sells more than 2 million copies for a change. If Phony spent more time on games and less on movies, we could have a serious debate. Until then, go pop some popcorn and watch Alvin and the Chipmunks in glorious BD all the while, hoping for a true AAA title on your so-called gaming console.

eagle214481d ago

If ps2 owners actually wanted a oldbox they would have bought one by now. Microsoft has FAILED to get ps2 owners interested. I don't care for Halo or Mass Effect and it's showing at retail that most people DON'T either. Has this went through your minds? PS3 has way better games in my humble opinion. 3history has basically finished their "momentum" :)

Blu-ray is for games, music, and movies. And oldbox will FAIL because of the ignorance of a company not interested in it. Microsoft has LIED to ya'll, they have even hinted at home consoles not "existing". Can't you see that? They want everyone on PC. They are losing EVERYONE as of late.

Just be glad they sold what they sold. Playstation has this won already. By fall it will be $299 and Microsoft will announce the 720 at E3 sooner than you think. :)

Montrealien4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

You are nothing but a brand whore fanboys if you are one sided. Sure, the Playstation is one of the strongest brands in gaming but that is all. I mean the playstaion 2 and PsP still outsell the PS3 and 360 atm. Tis industry is growing into a monster not many people understand.

In a market there is competition and not just one console to rule them all. If you think this, you are nothing but a Fanboy and belong in comments sections and forums only, because in the real world you are the real pathetic ones.

and eagle, your Oldbox reference is weak and....old. Many people like the 360 and many others like the PS3, grow up and game on bud, get out of the fanboy loop, play games, that is what matters.

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Varsarus4481d ago

This should be interesting

Prepare for incoming bots Sony Soldiers.