Battlefield: Bad Company Dev Chat Today

Chat starts in 3 hours from this post!

Planet Battlefield writes: "As promised, we have rescheduled the live Battlefield: Bad Company irc developer chat for this Friday. Producers, Karl-Magnus Troedsson and Jamie Keen will be in the channel to answer your questions!

Listen up soldiers! Have you been playing the Battlefield: Bad Company beta, but are dying to ask the developers a question about a certain game feature? Are you interested to know how the single player compares to the multiplayer? On Friday, April 4th at 4pm PDT Planet Battlefield will be holding a live developer chat in #BFBC on Gamesurge irc.

What: Live Q&A with Battlefield: Bad Company Producers, Karl-Magnus Troedsson & Jamie Keen

Where: #BFBC on Gamesurge irc

When: Friday, April 4th @ 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT

Update: Fixed time zone to PDT instead of PST.
PDT is UTC/GMT -7 hours
EDT is UTC/GMT -4 hours

If you're not familiar with irc follow this tutorial! If you can't attend you can email your questions in. Check this post."

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