Top Ten: Great Free To Play Games To Get You Through The Summer

Dealspwn writes: "Though the Steam sale is looming over our wallets like the sword of Newellcles, you can easily spend the entire summer playing any number of great games without paying a single penny. To that end, here's a list of some of the most outstanding F2P games out there, along with reasons why you can save some serious money over the coming months."

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nevin11973d ago

whatever happen to unlocking characters by playing the game? lol

CaptainYesterday1973d ago

I know I miss that so much it sucks when characters and costumes are DLC :(

Blues Cowboy1973d ago

F2P games are starting to realise that. Everything can be unlocked in Planetside 2, for example.

Remember that these games are free, but have to make money somehow. A couple of quid here and there is probably not a big ask for something you'll play for 20 hours +.

That said, I still hate DLC that takes characters and stuff out in full-priced games. Either it's freemium or premium, you shouldn't have both.

Gran Touring1973d ago

Not to mention, Planetside 2's F2P model is pretty well implemeneted in that paying players have no strict advantage over players that dont.

1973d ago