Wired Review: Dark Sector Defines Shallow Fun

Dark Sector isn't the sort of game that's going to change your outlook on life, and it won't stay with you for months after you've completed it, but it does exactly what a game is supposed to: It entertains throughout its duration, it flexes the muscle of both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, and above all it squeezes your testosterone gland just enough to make the gaming experience enjoyable.

Wired: Amazing graphics, entertaining action.

Tired: Forgettable story, unintuitive online gameplay.

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Drekken4245d ago

That about sums it up... This game doesnt grab me, but it is entertaining. I have NO idea whats up with the story... just enjoying chopping people up.

The online is the worst yet. 7 guys search for 1 invisible guy... someone finds him and kills him, round over. I ran around for 10 min and didnt see ANY action. Sorry excuse for a "game" when it comes to this mode.

Nagthragarthoth4245d ago

Screw the numbers.... I have a blast playing it and it looks great... There hasn't been something as fun as quad glaive damage with fire through 3 zombies in a few months... Good job D3.