Determining the future of Nintendo's Game Boy

Modojo examines what they call "a series of mistakes" made by Nintendo in managing the Game Boy and claim the handheld line all but dead. The portable site blames a lack of advertising, a high Micro launch price of $99, and poor peripheral support for the suggested demise and even likens the Micro's performance to that of the Power Glove and Nintendo 64 disc-drive. Ouch!

From the article: "When it was announced that the Nintendo DS was going to be a portable gaming device that not only played Nintendo DS games, but GBA games as well, it pretty much defeated the purpose of owning a GBA in the first place ... Nintendo pretended to support the three pillars as a way to fight Sony's looming release of the PlayStation Portable. If the new dual screen and touch screen didn't appeal to the mass market then Nintendo could fall back on the Game Boy."

When rumors surfaced back in May that Nintendo would discontinue the Game Boy from an interview with Reuters, Iwata denied the claim in speaking with Game Daily saying his original quote was taken out of context, and only that Nintendo is currently focusing its efforts on the DS and Wii before planning a GBA successor. You make the call: Will Nintendo kill off the Game Boy, or not?

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dikturbo4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

When I was looking to buy my daughters a portable game system for last years Xmas the options were: PSP, Gameboy SP or the fancy new DS. Hmmm a $299 CDN proprietary movie/game player, a $ 129 CDN 32 bit 4 year old system with colour screen or a $149 CDN 64 bit, dual and touch screens, WiFi and backwards compatibility to hundreds of games. Duh.

Not only did I buy two DS units (one for each of my daughters) I went back two days after Xmas and bought one for myself. The DS is hands down the best handheld gaming system to date using the value to fun equation. Half the price, a great library of games and a helluva lot of fun.

Sounds like the Wii vs 360 or the 360 vs. PS3 argument.

tom15954465d ago

i always just considered the DS the new gameboy, but without "gameboy" in it. i doubt they'd release 2 portable consoles - the only difference being one has a touch screen.

Ravenator5294465d ago

Why buy a GameBoy micro? The DS is an AWESOME piece of equipment. It also plays both DS and Gameboy Advance games.