Calm, Deadly Focus at the Slant Offices

Allen Good from slant 6 writes:

"Hey SOCOMers,

I'm Allen Goode, Lead Designer on SOCOM Confrontation. The snow is gone, Vancouver is sunny and beautiful and all is in a state of calm, deadly focus at the Slant offices.

Lots of new info is reaching you via the May EGM, and we can't share any new details beyond that EGM story until the magazine has had a good chance to reach all of the readers. So in lieu of discussing features, I am going to go give you a look at some of the rigorous work that goes into balancing Confrontation.

We iterate on weapon balance and tune weapon settings every day. Our design team has a weapon balance philosophy which we apply to the feel and function of every weapon in the game. Every member of the team gives feedback on the weapons, and that feedback goes to our weapons designer. "

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TUFFnNYC4481d ago

Hmmm....Cant wait. This game is gonna be the shyt.