Console Monster: Everybody's Golf: World Tour Review

Golf. It's a flippin' hard game! To become a decent golfer you need an all-round game; a good solid swing, sweet ball contact, nifty approach shots and skill-full putting. So it's no surprise really that most people stick to just playing it on a console. But there's not really much choice as you've either got EA Sports Tiger Wood Franchise, or...erm...well that's it - until now!

The long running Everybody's Golf game (or Hot Shots Golf if you're from America), has been keeping a steady balance of realistic golf gameplay and fun, anime-like presentation. Developers Clap Hanz have finally transferred the title across to the PlayStation3 - but does it live up to the previous titles and more importantly, does it get anywhere near the realistic Tiger Woods?

Well it's probably worth mentioning first that this is not Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, nor is it trying to be. Clap Hanz have taken a totally different slant on the golf genre and they always have. To be totally honest, it's actually a really refreshing change to play a golf game with an element of fun and silliness, whilst still keeping the core golfing values.

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Harry1904484d ago

they really liked the game.

Harry1904484d ago

Do you have a personal problem with me?
surely the guy below,look,this game was made for being fun,
your comparison is the same as comparing erotic movies to porn.

rawg4483d ago

I didn't disagree with you.

btw - i've decided to get the game just to try it out. i mostly like tiger woods because of how realistically they model the golf courses not necessarily because of the gameplay. but i've heard from a few people now that this game is fun.

Harry1904483d ago

this story has always been about quick thrills but you will be surprised as to how tricky it can get.just like in real life.

rawg4484d ago

I'm a golfer in real life and like Tiger Woods Golf but I'm not sure whether I would like Hot Shots. Any golfers out there with an opinion?