Console Monster: Universe at War: Earth Assault Review

Decent RTS games on the 360 are few and far between. Command & Conquer 3 was a fantastic game and adapted the brilliance of the PC game onto the 360 for console gamers with terrible PC specs to battle it out with the Brotherhood of Kane. However, converting PC RTS' so they are easy to pick up and play on the Xbox 360 is pretty hard and as such, not many RTS' released for the Xbox 360 have been that great. It would be brilliant if Universe at War was the game to finally become a great console RTS, but this is not the case. Heavily flawed and at times unplayable are two main reasons why Universe at War will not be joining the ranks of C&C. Let's not focus on the negatives first though.

Universe at War is set on the lovely planet of Earth. Our beloved planet is being ravaged by an evil race of aliens known as the Hierachy. The Hierachy are very Covenant-esque aliens, apart from one major difference - the Hierachy has massive walkers that can trample on anything. The game begins with a band of human Marines trying to fight off the Hierachy. Then the Novus, a race of clichéd Japanime mech warriors and i, Robot style soliders, arrive to take down the walker the Hierachy have unleashed. A little late to the battle the Masari arrive, a bunch of very elf-like religious aliens.

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