Console Monster: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

Condemned 2 could be described as a blood bathed horror title in which you spend countless hours beating up anything and everything with sharp, heavy and disgustingly crude objects. Whilst this description could be deemed as accurate, it is clearly missing the finer details of such a title, such as the skull crushing sound effects as you compress a head into a closing door to even the screams of a drooling drug addict, as you blow his face off with a point blank shotgun. This is not a game for children, nor an empty shock game (Ed – Manhunt comes to mind). It is beauty, it is horror... this is Condemned 2.

Placed in the middle of a city turned to chaos, you are a hopeless drunk without a care in the world. The introduction shows just how low your character has become as you pummel another's face into a bloody mess, in between drinking yourself hopeless of course. This is the stories protagonist, Ethan Thomas. Taking place shortly after the events of the original you have since fallen hard on times and find yourself out of a job, alone and unable to hold a gun without a drink of hard liquor beforehand. Fighting your way through an unravelling storyline of murder and betrayal, not only are you expected to keep yourself alive in a cesspool of filth, but you are expected to clean it all up and tie up all the loose ends set by the original too.

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