Not Just Lag: How Nintendo Fumbled Online Play

There's at least one area of gaming Nintendo just doesn't get, and it's online play. analyzes how Nintendo has failed in taking its games online in this critical editorial.

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PS360WII4791d ago

It's not that they failed it's just that they don't give a hoot about online play really. So for not really trying they're doing okay but I can see why some would call it failure

killer_trap4791d ago

online on the DS is alive and kicking. if you ever played mario kart or tetris you'll know what i mean. it's the Wii I'm always having trouble with.

Maddens Raiders4791d ago

online with three other people. It looked worse than elderly people having sex.

Stut - stut - stuttering, shaking, and slow the whole time. Oh well, Brawl is a good game offline, but the online made me embarassed for him.

ChickeyCantor4791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

then alli can say is his connection is bad.
I have an import version so i connect with people in america(from EU)...and there is almost no lag at all.

you just saw it once and directy you look down at it, like if other consoles never had lag.

You are biased, and Bootsielon, you only agreed because you hate nintendo.

Maddens Raiders4791d ago

every move I make sidar. You think I've only seen it (Brawl online) once? btw - he has a great connection (he's able to create 20 player matches on WarHawk with no lag at all).

I don't have to make anything up sidar. It's what I've seen, so if you want to live in denial to defend your Wii God, then by all means.....continue.

ChickeyCantor4791d ago


im connecting all the way from Europe and its not like you claim it is. Pretty much contradicting.

" It's what I've seen"
so it must be true then? the online mode must be bad, 100%....right?

Snipes204790d ago

I have little to no lag when I play my Wii online, yet other Wii owners and haters alike say they have nothing but unplayable lag. I think the problem is in inconsistency. Someone on this site explained that the Wii uses P2P connections for online Nintendo games. IF this is true, then it is other people's connections that are bad (assuming yours is good). If Nintendo has set up servers, then I think they really need to upgrade them to make them more consistent throughout the world. If they don't have servers then they should implement them as soon as possible.

I think the Wii isn't failing online. It just is not that great and whenever online works, people discredit it as last gen and they try to make it look last gen, which is a bit unfair.

Yes, random matches with no communication is a pain and it makes you feel like you are playing smart and unpredictable CPU's, but at least the mechanism is there and they could upgrade it if enough people complained and got through to them. If you do have a ton of friends on you list, then WFC gaming is much better, but still limiting in some regards.

You could also take another approach and actually be patient and content to cope with your current situation and enjoy life. Its just a suggestion, though.....

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kingme714791d ago

At times online brawl matches are completely unplayable, other times they run just as well as if you were sitting right next to the person.

Alot of the other issues brought up in this article bring down the whole experience though.

It is anonymous to a fault. You have no way of talking to anyone or even using a handle... might as well be playing the CPU in that regard.

Nintendo is obviously paranoid about online exploitation and problems that could arise with connecting 2 strangers together, but it is taken to such an extreme that online gaming for them is in the stone ages (well in the online gaming stone ages).

Fux4Bux4791d ago

Nintendo is 10 years behind in every aspect of technology and basic game design. It really pisses me off how successful they are selling repackaged Gamecubes for $250 on a gimmick.

ItsDubC4791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

I hope your feelings are just as strong about the real issues in the world.

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