Heard About: SingStar PS3 - London Studios' Dan Bardino on the production of Sony's singing game

With professional quality plug-ins, superior vocal suppression and sophisticated surround upmixing, SingStar's audio technology and production processes have hit the high notes.

At the early stages of the game's migration from PS2 to PS3, Dan Bardino (pictured, right) was impressed and inspired by the team's proposals. He explains: "The plans were ambitious and extremely 'next-gen' – a whole new visual aesthetic and flow. My SingStar Online promised a social network-style community where users could upload their own performances and SingStore would provide a seamless online shopping experience built into the game itself with frequently updated content. I was blown away and knew the audio had to be stunning."

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PirateThom3945d ago

I wish they'd add some Ultravox to Singstar.