IGN: Monster Madness: Grave Danger Hands-on

Monster Madness first saw an appearance on the 360 last year and is now headed to the PS3 next month. For gamers unfamiliar with the original release, Monster Madness followed a group of friends as they made their way through a ravaged town chock full of undead creatures. The game was presented from a mostly top-down perspective and let you shoot, blast and chop up tons of zombies in suburban chaos.

Well, the PS3 version of the game will boast new features, modes and items. While IGN knew a few details about this zombie-fest previously, they recently had the chance to sit down and give Grave Danger a spin for themselves. IGN not only went hands-on with the game's main campaign mode but also had fun with Monster Madness' new Challenges -- a collection of mini-games that give players a chance to grab new costumes for the title's four characters.

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