PlayStation 3 - Play B3yond - Smarter (video)

The faster you think, the more things you could think about..and that makes you smarter.

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bung tickler4470d ago

"normal processors can only handle one thing at a time" as far as I know pentiums 4's have been doing 2x things since 2002, and now with both amd/intels multi-core & multi thread procs, at faster clock speeds and able to do general purpose processing... the cell just sucks balls standing next to them.

ElementX4470d ago

Thinking more doesn't make you smart. I always thought what you know makes you smart.

Siesser4470d ago

The way I've always understood it:

Intelligent - how nimbly you can think, the ability to be creative or figure things out; think a hurdler

Smart - how fast you can think and come to a conclusion or answer; think sprinter

Knowledgeable - how much you've learned, retained, and know; a sheer wealth of knowledge; think marathon runner

PS3n3604470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

schizophrenic? You can think about why poop is brown and at the same time think about why it smells bad but that doesnt make you smarter. I actually laughed out loud when i heard it for the first time on the website. The site is nice looking but the all the blah blah blah justify justify justify was pretty lame. PS3 is gonna speak for itself so shut up and release the damn thing.

Mr Pumblechook4470d ago

i love my 360 but i thought i take a look at these vids on you tube- quite nice.

But then i watched them on Play Beyond website and they are amazing. You can stop the vid, reverse and forward, and target characters and backgrounds to get info!

its the most sophisticated website ive ever seen.

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The story is too old to be commented.