PlayStation 3 - Play B3yond - Capacity (video)

The capacity of a Blu Ray Disc compared to the capacity of current media format.

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bung tickler4468d ago

funny how PC's have had virutually unlimited space for devs to use and more power to play with for quite some time.... and they never needed more space than what a DVD allowed... funny that, aint it.

big_tim4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

PC games are compressed and then installed on the computer. So the amount of space on the disc isn't the same amount of the game. It is substantially bigger. Also, they can take up as much space as they want when installing. Game machines uncompress on the fly. The compression in console games isn't as extreme as pc compression. Also, the 360 and PS3 are far superior in terms of hardware than the normal PC.

FamoAmo4468d ago

Its nice the Blu Ray can hold so much but how much is too much? Is there ever too much? I personally believe DV9 holds plenty. Take Oblivion for instance. That game was long and I got lost all the time.. I couldn't even imagine 5 times a much space to run around. I would say that's too much. With Sony waiting a whole year later to release it's comsole they should have some major perks and Blu Ray, more space on the disc and a half [email protected]@ online doesn't take the cake for me. How many games will be 1080p? Who even has a 1080p tv let alone a 720p or 1080i.. No doubt the PS3 is gonna be great but I haven't seen anything that would make me switch from Xbox to PS. To an average gamer like myself I can't justify 600$ for something that I could buy for 400$.. Blu Ray doesn't interest me at this time and I think HD DVD will win anyway.. And games that are anylonger I would never finish. I am a graphics and AI kind of guy. To me that is the next Gen gaming along with online and right now the 360 has the PS beat in my eyes example COD3.. I know people say oh its PS3's 1st party games.. But in reality its really a year later and developers have had plenty of time to make them look good.. Just my opinion.. And I ain't no "fanboy"

Bebedora4468d ago

What I have hard to understand, is when people like you (non-fanboy or not) states that a game like oblivion cant have a more rich environment with more space, like different looks on trees, armours, weapons, items, items, cave walls, even different seasons in a game.

The word I am looking for is more vast diversity and details. Higher res textures too for that matter. This is why I believe in Blu-Ray's need for console gamers.

12Volt4467d ago

But you will eventually and ps3 will be there ready when you do... It's true you and we dont need some of that stuff, but sony knows that right now you cant tell the wheat from the weeds, sony sacrifices practicality in order to be the industry standard... alot of us think the ps3 is an awesome peice of hardware and we already trust that there will be great games on it because of the massive game libraries its accumulated we're all little shocked on the ps3 and how its turning out, mainly price.. if you think about it...

If the PS3 was 300 or 400... Alot more people would jump on it, and if sony could it would lower it that much, but you gotta understand it has invested BILLIONS of dollars into the technologies inside the ps3 it cant afford to lower the price. I know this is more than what you wanted to know, but if you really ask why its sony is doing what it's doing, you have to see the big picture, and you'll realize you dont care, and thats up to you, but you cant just hate sony for it - that makes you dumb.

UNREAL-T4468d ago

The ps3 gonna be great and the 360 is great too, but when u say "right now the 360 has the PS beat in my eyes example COD3" that's ur own opinion and i understand and i'm not gonna say something stupid about u just because u think 360 gonna be better than ps3 and i think ps3 is gonna be better than 360. I think we gotta wait and see happen because both of this console are great. " I feel u".

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