Japan: Wii Triples PS3 Sales in March

According to recent sales numbers released by Enterbrain, which tracks sales of videogames in Japan, Nintendo's little white console outsold all others in March. Approximately 265,542 Wii consoles were sold during the month compared to 81,579 PS3 systems.

Since the platform launched last year, Nintendo has been unable to keep Wii systems on store shelves – in Japan, America and Europe. According to company executives on all sides, Wii hardware shortages are expected at least for the next several months as the company continues to ramp up supply.

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sonarus3850d ago

Sony JP needs to be pulling their weight in this region a bit more. Work harder at securing more JP games exclusive or not since virtually no one will buy it on 360. The problem with ps3 is it lacks a steady stream of good games. There needs to be a good rpg coming out on ps3 every month and they sure do need a price drop. bundles don't seem to be working out.

rawg3850d ago

And whether that's a reason for the slow uptake of the PS3 and X360. The games that are out right now may not be enough of a reason to get a PS3 or x360 if you don't have an HDTV. That should all change once MGS4 and FFXIII come out though.

Anyway, it seems like JP is hot on portables this generation. Superhot.

Kholinar3850d ago

"UK HDTV penetration closely follows US (35% UK, 39% US), and the majority of UK and US consumers are aware of Blu-ray Disc (56% UK, 60% US). Japan has moderate Blu-ray awareness (45%) and HDTV penetration (28%), but Blu-ray hardware penetration matches UK and US at 9%." 1/4/08

So, no, the PS3 sales are probably not largely affected by a lack of HDTV adoption. HDTV's about a quarter lower per capita in Japan, but that shouldn't account for anywhere near this sort of sales gap.

The Killer3849d ago

and i see ps3 rampage from Autumn 2008 and on!

The Killer3849d ago

i will be happy if i get just 1 bubble higher!

fenderputty3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

MS is still busy getting JRPG exclusive titles. Does the PS3 even have one? By the time the two big RPG titles come out(White Knight Chronicles and FFXIII), the system will have been out in Japan for over two years. That's way too long to wait to penetrate a market that Sony is supposed to be dominating in. Hell ... it's one of the reasons I bought a PS3. I like RPG's and so far even this American is feeling a little left out.

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Maddens Raiders3850d ago

between the two consoles in Japan. Let the Wii do what it does now (which is great); I'm still bullish on historical trends.

still the worst3850d ago

psp out sold the wii and ds

killer_trap3850d ago

psp and ds are not home consoles so they are on a different category. and they have nothing to do with this article.

superman3850d ago

Well psp had Monster Hunter.

ChickeyCantor3850d ago

...then what will happen IF Monster hunter3 is out for the Wii?

Delive3849d ago

wonder what it could have been if it were on a more capable console. Online. Hi Quality graphics. Man that would be nice for Monster Hunter, but as a business, Capcom has to follow the numbers that lead to big money.

Varsarus3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

What make's me laugh is there isn't a 360 on that pic.

Obama3849d ago

the 360 doesn't "exist" in Japan XD.

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