Kotaku's Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review: Quality, Yes, Quantity, Hrm...

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is a demo. A big one, yes, but a demo it remains, one that gives us but a taste of what we can expect from the full, final Gran Turismo 5 when it ships on the PS3 sometime next year. Serious fans of the series will no doubt already know what they're getting themselves into with this whole "Prologue" business, then, and won't give a monkey's brass balls what Kotaku say from here on in.

But if you're still on the fence over whether it's worth shelling out 60% of the full game's asking price for what's probably less than 10% of its content, read on, dear readers, read on.

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sonarus4249d ago

Everyone's big gripe with GT still seems to be damage. If they can provide a convincing damage system both physical and functional damage then everyone should be happy.

I wonder how it will look. I don't think it is necessary to have bumpers falling off and all that and i feel functional damage is more important than physical damage. Like i have been saying it better be better than forza 2.

Blademask4249d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Forza's damage is fine, but hitting a wall at 90mph is serious damage. not a dented bumper.

Polyphony is going to have to do some serious damage, that isn't going to be fun. Everyone will more than likely cut it off.

The GT series has always needed an in depth penalty system for people that like to cut tracks and malicious bumping. This has been the loudest outcry from GT fans. Not Damage.

Damage is for people who have Forza2 and pretend that damage is the thing holding them back from purchasing a GT game. that and they don't own a PS3 to begin with.

I hope they get to damage LAST, and get the penalty system up and running first. I don't like the idea that idiots are too stupid to play a game, so they need damage to keep them behaved. F that. I'm a disciplined driver, there is BUMPING in competitive driving. Yes Damage is also a part of it, but no one finishes a race when their transmission is blown, or a wheel falls off. You just hit pause, then restart. I want my replays to look flawless, and I want my lap times to be legit. SURE I can bump all the cars out of the way. You can do that in ANY game. But then you are sitting there playing a single player game cheating yourself? You've got bigger issues than damage modeling. You need a life. (not directed towards you sonarus)


I agree 100% with the functional Damage. Thats a great system!

sonarus4248d ago

Yea forza physical damage isn't that great but their functional damage is pretty good. It doesn't have to be 100% realistic, it is better if it is fun to play. As for damage, i hope it is optional as well. Maybe they could add like 3 different setting for damage 1 standard damage like forza 2 has the professional damage that is absolutely realistic where 1 wrong move could end the race instantly. And then an option for no damage at all.

Blademask4249d ago

Or they should take it upon themselves to get an outside opinion to review/report on Sony related content.

All of their ridiculous beefs will clearly be solved in a full release. Its pretty inherent that a demo is only going to be a sample of whats in the full, so how is that a negative? They went as far to "blah blah" the pros but went into severe detail on the cons.

Damage - fixed
Tracks - fixed
online - fixed
Single Player - subjective.

I've never finished an entire Gran Turismo series game. I just love driving and doing time trials.

kotaku should ship up.

fenderputty4248d ago

most of the time I just can't stomach going around and around for 6 hours on those endurance races. I usually play the game to about 85%. If they nail the online in the final version, I might not even finish that much.

VirusE4248d ago

The only one coming off biased blademask is you. I am sick of all the review conspiracy theory BS that seems to be a fav of people who only own a ps3. Strangely I own a ps3 and I am not seeing one bit of bias.

"All of their ridiculous beefs will clearly be solved in a full release."

Well when they review the FINAL release they will take those things into account but considering those items ARE NOT IN THE FREAKING DEMO it’s not hard to see why they knocked then for not being in the demo! Your post is seriously insane and it reeks of bias and cognitive dissonance. They are not reviewing GT5 they are reviewing the demo that is GT5p. Why would the game get extra marks for features we are told we will get in the final version? I can think of 100 different examples of things I was told would be in games but had to get cut for on reason or another. This is why you don’t review games based on what they could be; you rate then based on what they are when purchased at retail. Should FPS games with too few maps not get knocked because more can be downloaded in the future? I think not and as such GT5p should be reviewed for what it is not for what GT5 could be.

Blademask4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Give this a read, and stop crying.

@ Vanquish..

I got PWNT.

@ Viruse:

Its about how Sony didn't want Kotaku posting news about HOME, Kotaku went ahead with the story. Sony temporarily restricted Kotaku's presence at GDC to the Sony Press Events. Sony also took their debug PS3 back from Kotaku.

Sony and Kotaku resolved the problems with GDC and Kotaku getting press permissions with Sony, but they kept their debug unit.

The article was titled "SONY BLACKBALLS KOTAKU."

I'm not a fan of the whole conspiracy theory deal. But Kotaku does seem to always have problems with Sony Content. I feel like even though they resolved the issue, its still evident in their writing about sony products, not just prologue. But there is definitely a different tone than when the subject is a MS product.

VirusE4248d ago

Blade i am work and kotaku is blocked. What is the link refering to?

Utalkin2me4248d ago

Will people stop saying its a demo, if you pay for it is not a demo. Only an idiot would pay for a demo right?

Utalkin2me4248d ago

I think the first issue that needs to be fixed before damage is the crappy AI.

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killer_trap4248d ago

interesting until now this prologue's reviews higher than the previous side branched GTs. which only tells me how amazing the final product will be.

dale14248d ago

kotaku is a complete bargain basement site they never have any exclusives on any console,time for them to pack up and stop boring the sh*t out of me

DFresh4248d ago

You can download it on PSN which is what I'm gonna do since every store has confirmed this game is sold out in all stores.
It's definitely worth it and 2009 is a long time to wait so just get it on PSN.

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The story is too old to be commented.