BioWare: Why We Are Making Mass Effect As A Trilogy

Yesterday MTV Multiplayer showed you how Denis Dyack justified Too Human being a trilogy.

Today, witness how BioWare's founders answered when MTV Multiplayer asked why Mass Effect needed to be three parts.

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Silellak3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

It's pretty obvious.

Games are EXPENSIVE to make these days. Especially ones with as many voice actors as Mass Effect. A single game the size of the Mass Effect trilogy would take a HUGE amount of time and money, and no company can afford absorb those sort of development costs for a single game without releasing something.

You'll notice huge single player RPGs like Oblivion have a lot of repitition in texture use, voice actor work, etc. Why? Because textures and voice actors are expensive, so in order to make a huge game world, they have to cut back where they can.

Also, this allows them to get a LOT of feedback on what people liked or hated about the first one, and make those changes - as well as hopefully improve their use of the Unreal 3 engine - between parts.

As long as I always get my $60 worth - and Mass Effect insured I did - I don't care if games are released in trilogies or not.

Excalibur3941d ago

I won't be buying anymore.

I know I'm in the minority that didn't like the game but to me it just wasn't fun.
I played about an hour and a half and had enough, haven't touched it since.

Let there be disagrees....

Chug3941d ago

You're not alone, I didn't care for it either.

meepmoopmeep3941d ago

i have yet to try ME but i understand where you're coming from. 10 hours into excruciating boredom in a game called Oblivion made me realize that review scores and awards means sh*t to me from now on.

i'll wait for the PC port to come out for ME to give it a try and judge if i want to play its sequels.

Adamalicious3941d ago

I was a little disappointed by it - and I played the whole thing, every side quest, everything. I think my decision on the next chapter will be down to them fixing the things that held the first on back: technical problems, poor inventory system, etc.. Not likely to be a day one purchase for me.

INehalemEXI3941d ago

I liked it but not as much as I like KOTOR.

Bleucrunch3941d ago

I didnt like it as well......oh wow I thought I was the only one. I really love Oblivion though.

wageslave3941d ago

Well, it did win multiple Game of the Year awards... I wouldnt expect *everyone* to love it, but we can be positively sure that the next game will do very well, and many people are truely looking forward to it.

Day one purchase for me.

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kingme713941d ago

It's money in the bank to follow up a successful game with a 2nd and 3rd one. That being said, it is risky to start working on a trilogy's 2nd and 3rd parts before you know how well the 1st one does, especially if you leave the 1st one's story hanging and sales don't warrant a follow up.

Z5013941d ago

also ...
A RPG trilogy can't fit on DVD9, sorry.

My ? is, if they already have the whole story or the majority written,why specifically a trilogy?
Why not 4 parts or 2?
I definently expect the usual video game filler (useless parts just to fill the disc)
In a nutshell what i'm trying to say is.With a game this big there should be NOTHING cut from it.
So i expect multiple disc.Which is'nt a bad thing.
But i also expect video game filler(which should'nt be needed for a game like this.(this big)

Silellak3941d ago

I was going to mention the DVD9 limitation thing, but if they really wanted to just release a single game, they could put it on multiple DVD's with little problem.

poopface13940d ago

I can only imagine what they could do with 2 or 3 dvds. The game would take forever to beat, and thats just the main story. It took me 23 hrs(on the game clock) to beat ME and I didnt do most of the boring side missions. I wasnt intrested in this game in the least bit untill I tried it in Feburary. I will probaly buy the second one and wish that id have bought ME instead of AC(cause unlike AC I would have kept it).

Sez 3941d ago

i can't wait for the next game. i really enjoyed the first.

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