The Next-Gen Open HDMI Port Conundrum

Considering that neither of the current-gen game machines are scheduled to be put out to pasture any time soon, there’s a great chance that most early adopters of the PS4 and Xbox One will still want to leave their old devices hooked up. Herein lies an issue that most people aren’t probably thinking about, which is the lack of open HDMI ports to use in their entertainment centers this fall.

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cl19833111d ago

X box one already has this covered with it hdmi in port.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA3111d ago

The HDMI in is for your cable or satellite box.

cl19833111d ago

First that would free up an hdi port on the tv, secondly you can also plug in your 360 bluray player, ps3 into the system, and again solving the issue.

frankiebeans3111d ago

you can hook up anything thats hdmi its not just for a cablebox but thats what they want it to be for.

OpenGL3111d ago

There's a decent chance that the Xbox One HDMI input will introduce a decent amount of input lag so you wouldn't want to play games with it anyway. If you hook up a PS3 or 360 to a Google TV you'll experience game-ruining input lag, because these devices are meant for passive experiences, not active ones.

lgn153111d ago

Wrong. You can hook almost anything up to it, even a 360.

gamer78043111d ago

actually its not only for tv, they have already stated that you can plug any device into this.

so you could say "xbox tv" and it would pull up your 360, ps3, or ps4 etc.

Utalkin2me3111d ago


My 360 is a arcade version, with component only. So does that work?

Cmk01213111d ago

Or 360... Whatever you want it to be

bangshi3111d ago

Should we moan about plug sockets in the wall too?

Because they're never where you need them and you only get two. But if you're using up all four HDMI ports then you're using up five plug sockets.

Of all the things to moan about this seems pretty trivial.

badz1493111d ago


That sounds like a more legit conundrum to me too. Most tv 40" and above comes with 3 or 4 HDMI ports nowadays but like you said, wall sockets are more a problem than HDMI. you have 2, I have only 1. So I have to use a splitter to connect my tv, cable box, surround system, PS3 and even a table fan. That's 5 devices already! What if a new console arrive? Conundrum...conundrum...conund rum...

3111d ago
Thunderhawkxbox3111d ago

Nope u can conect ur Xbox 360 to ur Xbox one too

mewhy323110d ago

I can see this being a problem for some. I will replace my blu ray player with the PS4 and that should resolve my problem. About the xbone hdmi passthrough? I'm not sure what all can be hooked up to that. I think that I may have seen an interview with the major that said you could hook up just about anything to it. But I'm not sure how that would work.

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HammadTheBeast3111d ago

That's pretty cool.

Personally, my TV has 4 HDMI ports so, I should be covered.

slazer1013111d ago

I have 4 HDMI ports also. I thought 3 was the norm. But I guess not. Never really thought about it before. Now I know why people are discussing it. Not an Xbox fan but having a HDMI input seems like a good idea. Can't hurt.

Off topic: I just noticed that the Xbox One has its USB ports in the back of the console. That seems kinda stupid to me. I would not want to have to try and find the opening when inserting a USB drive. JMO.

MWong3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

@ bangshi +1 bubble

@ slazer101
You might have a problem with a USB drive attaching to an XBone, I heard it proprietary drives again. According to some say nothing that was used on the 360 will work on the One.

Same here, 4 HDMI ports (1 free, PS3, Blu-ray & XB360) for me and 2 component (1 free & hd cable box). I'm with bangshi, the thing I am more thinking about is which new power strip should I buy. Besides, due to price drops in a year or 2 most people will be upgrading to 1080p (if they haven't already) or 4K HDTV's anyways, which will come with more HDMI ports.

slazer1013110d ago


I think your confusing USB drive with HDD drive. The picture clearly shows two USB port on the back of the Xbox one.

lawgone3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

7 disagrees so far with something that is a fact (cl1983's comment.) Amazing.

3111d ago
lgn153111d ago

How can 12 people disagree with a fact

dethpuck3111d ago

It has one USB port on right front of the console

3111d ago
slazer1013110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )


Can you provide a pic of the USB on the right side. I have looked at a lot of pics of the Xbox One and can't see one pic that shows that.

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greenlantern28143111d ago

not a problem for me my tv has 5 hdmi ports.
but there are a number of devices you can purchase and solve the problem for cheap

PSVita3111d ago

Ok if you put the 360 into the Xbox one it's the same as is you had just swapped cords. You're not going to be able to play with the new controller. The graphic wont be better. The menu won't be the Xbox ones. So...stop being lazy and change the cords if you want to play your 360. There's so many options out there that this Article was pointless.

Highlife3111d ago

I have 4 hdmi inputs on my tv but I only need one. I use a 7.1 receiver with 6 hdmi inputs. Playing games with a sound system makes a huge difference. Couldn't imagine passing on tv speakers. The last of us was awesome hearing those clickers behind me. Anyway there are many options to add hdmi inputs to your tv. Be it a cheap switch or a receiver.

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iamnsuperman3111d ago

Or just unplug and plug into another console if you don't want to get a HDMI splitter. It isn't the most difficult thing to do

wishingW3L3111d ago

depending on how you have your TV and other systems hooked up is just not that easy.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA3111d ago

No, but a pain in the butt. Just think about getting up and changing discs in the middle of an intense RPG. I agree that you could manually change, but it's not ideal.

Godmars2903111d ago

Something called a swap box.

Xof3111d ago

You mean switch box.

I just got one off Amazon for $25. It has a remote, so it's really handy. Only weird thing about 'em is you can get a 3-way box for around $30, but if you want a 4th input, the prices jump all the way up to around $75.

TheHybrid3111d ago

How was Xbox ones Hdmi input port not mentioned??? Also, the Xbox one is designed to replace basically everything in your entertainment center so you only bed ONE device....hehe, see what I did there??

Thegamer413111d ago

It does not replace everything, it just connects them together. So basically it turns them all into one device (hence the name), the Xbox One alone does not do all those features that you think it does.

PSN_ZeroOnyx3111d ago

If your cable box is a DVR you better keep that remote nearby. The 360 won't record your shows nor will it play them back for you. Maybe they should call it xbox almost one.

Software_Lover3111d ago

I currently just use an HDMI splitter (small box) but will use the XBone, when I eventually get one, with the PS4. I think its a good not great idea.

Nick_5153111d ago

That will probably create lag.

Software_Lover3111d ago

We will have to wait and see. That's why I said good, and not great, Idea.

PSN_ZeroOnyx3111d ago

Hooking up a PS4 to a X1 will likely rip a hole in the space/time continuum resulting in a black hole.

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