Guinness World Records Video Game Competition Announced in New York

Guinness World Records has announced a classic videogame competition in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday April 10th at the Barcade. Only 21 years and older will be allowed, ID required to get in.

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Maddens Raiders3852d ago

but I wonder how the determination was made that these classic games are the best for the competition? I mean RB Tapper and G&G are cool, but what about Defender ("quite possibly, the hardest significant game there is"), and Centipede - an undoubtable arcade classic?

Anyway, it's good to see arcade games of any kind enjoying time in the spotlight.

Yuprules3852d ago

Maybe they are just looking for records for their recently announced books, guess they want a "new market of records" instead of most bugs stuffed in your mouth (LOL).