Bethesda releases second teaser image for Dishonored's upcoming DLC

Bethesda has released a new image, teasing Dishonored's upcoming DLC.

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Anthotis2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

The first 100 buyers will get extra bugs with their Bethsoft DLC.

Dunpeal2782d ago

lol yeah I'm not falling for that again

FanboyCrusher2782d ago

Bethesda is publishing. Don't hate just because they make some of the greatest games in the industry. They're huge games, sometimes it's annoying but expecting them to iron out everything with all of the possibilities is ludicrous. Besides, Dishonored has zero bugs even worth mentioning, personally haven't seen any myself. It was a phenomenal game in 2012, and still is today. You're putting all the apples into one basket pall, and it's a little offensive when me and you have to share the same title as gamer when you're clearly ill informed.

Gruxie2782d ago

I know you're trying to make a joke here, but in a way it shows your ignorance, or atleast your level of knowledge at this point. Arkane Studios are behind the game, Bethesda are just the publisher, they have nothing to do with the actual creation of the game nor its DLC's.

Arkane Studios are quite solid if you exclude Dark Messiah on the Xbox, when it comes to Dishonored, there really aren't many glitches at all, none are game breaking atleast.

ATi_Elite2782d ago

I may pick up Dishonored with all the DLC during the Steam Summer Sale for Dirt Cheap.

Gruxie2782d ago

Do so, you won't regret it, it's a beautiful game, even on the consoles! Arkane Studios have made some extraordinary work on all their games, but out of all of them, Dishonored is just that much more amazing!

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