No GTA: IV Special Edition pre-orders in-store at GAME

That great-looking GTA: IV Special Edition set is now looking more exclusive than ever, with news that major UK games retailer GAME will not allow you to pre-order the pack in-store.

PS3 Attitude confirm the news with GAME directly, and explain how you can get your still hands on one...

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green4249d ago

Very true.Couldn't preorder it,so had to go for the standard edition.

happywozere4249d ago

I have the same problem with blockbusters. Except they aren't taking any pre-orders at all at the moment. Lucky i pre-ordered a few weeks ago, but even then they wouldn't pre-order the special edition.

Trick Nolte4248d ago

From Amazom. My bundle includes all this PLUS a GTAIV License Plate =)

MrWonderful4248d ago

i got mine pre ordered as well from gamestop

stuntman_mike4248d ago

if any one in uk still looking to order the special edition i suggest trying thier cheaper than anywhere else (£58 compared with game £70) and free delivery i ordered mine a while back but they still might have some.

BachelorBrit4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Just be aware that Zavvi online aren't very reliable I have had many problems pre-ordering with them so this is just a friendly warning.

I have pre-ordered my Playstation 3 (Special Edition) from Amazon UK for £62.00 (including postage), I simply cannot wait to get it and I am sure it will be worth every penny.

There is just under a month to go until the official launch of Grand Theft Auto IV and man I am excited.

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