Bonus tracks Guitar Hero II leaked

Someone made some pictures of his tv and the game Guitar Hero II. The photo's were made of the bonustracks so we now know the exact list of the bands and their tracks.

Dethklok - Thunderhorse
Drist - Artiel Black
Every Time I Die - The New Black
Anarchy Club - Collide
Valiant Thor - Fall of Pangea
Vagiant - FTK
Breaking Wheel - One For The Road
Buckethead - Jordan (original song for GHII)
All That Remains - Six
Made In Mexico - Yes We Can
Voivod - The X-Stream
That Handsome Devil - Elephant Bones
The Acrobrats - Laugh Track
Camaros - Lady Lightning
Freezepop - Less Talk More Rokk
Amazing Crowns - Mr. Fix It
The Neighborhoods - Parasite
Shadows Fall - The Light That Blinds
Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives - Soy Bomb
The Last Vegas - Raw Dog
Count Zero - Radium Eye
Gnashing Of Teeth - Generic
Brian Kahanek - Gemini
The Casket Lottery - Red House

For the proof and the screens, which include some info, click on the link below.

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Siesser4467d ago

Cool. As per usual, I don't know who any of these groups are, aside from the ever-present Freezepop. Didn't Anarchy Club make that "Bang Bang" song, Feur something-or-other?

And shouldn't this be listed under Playstation 2 as well?

Siesser4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

Never mind :P Went through my library, and realized I recognized Anarchy Club because Behind the Mask was one of the songs I downloaded after plaing it on the first GH.

calderra4467d ago

Uhhh... "Freuer Frei", the opening song to XXX, was done by the German band Rammstein. Who were the band shown at the start of XXX. While their song was playing. Heh.

And to another post- Buckethead is mostly famous as a sort of guitarist mercenary for hire who's rocket out in... basically everything. Like when Guns & Roses was doing a reunion? Buckethead was there.

Siesser4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

Yeah, that's where the mix-up came from. The bad guys in XXX were called "Anarchy 99," and hearing "Anarchy Club" sounded familiar and just made me immediately think of that song instead of "Behind the Mask."

Ayreon4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

Don't know these bands either but Buckethead seems to be familiar to a lot of people.

That Playstation 2 thing is fixed by the way. Thank you. ;)

kmis874467d ago

The only band I recognize on this list (except Drist and the others from the first one) is Dethklok, that band from the adult swim show.

THWIP4467d ago I recognize. But then again, I'm 35, and grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Metallica. :|

Caxtus7504467d ago

and no none of them either!

(the licenses must have been cheap :P)

kmis874467d ago


Here's a link to see pictures that show all the bonus songs. Also notice that the "Trogdor" song from homestarrunner cartoons is included.