New Chromehounds Screenshots

Developed by Tokyo-based FROM software, Chromehounds offers an intense, photo realistic look at war from the cockpits of colossal metal vehicles. These heavily-armed weapons of war, called HOUNDS, dominate ground battles during warfare in the near-future.

Squads of HOUNDs take to the field in international factions; cooperating with and complementing each other in terms of firepower, range of movement, and abilities. Players will take the role of either a Squad Member or a Tactics Commander, who is responsible for strategically guiding the team to victory with verbal commands on Xbox Live.

SEGA has released new screenshots of the game showing the SalKar region:

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Wotbot5831d ago

Screen shots look ok, but this games does look cool.

Majunior5831d ago

the screens look pretty good but its hopefully guna blow us away in the online play department.SEGA dont disappoint!!

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