Movie download services bypass discs

Forget DVDs. Several services now let you download movies and play them right on your TV -- no disc needed.

These virtual video stores promise near-instant delivery of hundreds of movies, including many in glorious high-definition, all ordered up from the comfort of your couch.

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Harry1904244d ago

something that i will need to delete some day.
and those films are not in true hd,same for
hd broadcasting.

green4244d ago

From that comment you don't seem to own an mp3 player.I believe digital distribution is good and there is a market for both.If not then services like netflix will be out of business.

I usually watch a movie once,so the option to rent it online is convenient.If i believe the movie is a keeper (which at the rate of mediocre movies coming out at the moment is rare) then i will buy the physical copy.

sonarus4244d ago

@green how do his comments suggest he doesn't own an mp3 player??

As for me any movie i plan to watch only once, i would rather not pay for it. Digital distribution is fine and dandy but at least in MY eyes it isn't as satisfying as owning the physical copy. Right now i am stuck on blu ray. Only bought one dvd since i got a ps3 and that was by accident i was trying to buy the blu ray version lol

green4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

"i am never going to get something that i will need to delete some day."That is the comment he made that i was referring to.

Now when you download music on your mp3 player what is that?Is that not something you will delete someday.

And as for your comment "As for me any movie i plan to watch only once, i would rather not pay for it".That means you don't go to the cinema to watch movies.Or could you please tell me how your cinema ticket will grant you the ability to watch it more than once.

Harry1904244d ago

actually twisting the facts right here.
Clearly Sonarus was talking about watching movies at home.
Keep it relevant.And even though i don't listen to music,
you can't compare a downloaded song to a movie,the difference
is immense.It is simply not convenient to get an hd quality
movie movie on a 40 gig drive.You are entitled to your own opinion
about digital distributions,but you must admit that this whole new concept that just emerged is some sort of counter-marketing to
promote a far from accomplished distribution system.Things don't
change so quick;you,try and tell someone who has been watching vcrs all
his life to rent a movie on the net,just try and see how it works out.

Just as stupid as the idea that future software will be only available through the network,those things are doomed to fail.
Sure,when you rent a movie through the new system you may not pay the additional taxes or anything,but you'll miss some perks that hard copies offer,and i still haven't mentioned DRM...

Genesis54244d ago

It's already been done it's called VOD and a recorder.

green4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

read my 1st comment i clearly stated that there is a market for both DD and the physical format.Sony,Microsoft,Toshiba you name they know this.

8 years ago,broadband was not established and everyone was still using 56kbps dial up modems.then mp3's came along and broadband penetration increased.The same will happen with DD,as long as businesses like Netflix flourish and cinema sales keep declining then expect major cooperations to push DD which will only improve internet speeds like it did during mp3's consumer penetration.

I am african and back home in africa internet is very very slow and broadband is so expensive,so as long as markets like that exist physical format will always be there.It can never die because people like to own it.But DD will coexist and flourish faster than alot of people realize.

Look at warhawk,Xbox live arcade and all the developers releasing downloadable content via the PSN and xbox live and you can see that the penetration during this generation is really increasing.

Why people are against DD is beyond me because i think it's a cool option to have.but the truth is people can disagree all they want but DD will only get stronger and better the way physical formats have improved.

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niall774244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

with Itunes and Amazon the "big" new ways to get music they still only count for around 10% of all music sales.

wby would downloadable movies be any diffrent?
they would have even less market share thanks to the size of "hd" movie files.

TheExodus4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

It only took 5 years for iTunes to become the #1 music retailer in the U.S. ( ), unseating Best Buy, Target & Wal-Mart. Like it or not, DD will devastate Blu-ray's opportunity to succeed DVD for the simple fact we no longer consume media exclusively from the sofa & consumers are choosing media formats that are convenient to take along.

Clinton5144244d ago

Not great for much else. I'm not going to be fooled into believing that consumers will get a fair end of this deal. We'll still have inflated/unjust costs even after the publishers/studios save a sh/tload on packaging and manufacturing materials.

Same goes for the game industry.

Maddens Raiders4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

another article re: physical media vs. DD which cryptically screams, "OMG Nothing's Changed!!!"

If it were HD that would be something to get excited about and let's not forget Time Warner's announcement a while ago that they would start charging for Broadband DL usage based on individual consumption. Anyone remember that?

LightningPS34244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

This is a promotional article for digital downloads. Not news.

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