Gears of War advert makes it onto Marketplace

As Emergence Day gets ever closer, the anticipation levels for Gears of War continue to grow, and to further enhance this hype around the title Microsoft will be running quite a large ad campaign.

Ads will be cropping up on the TV and at the cinema, and Xbox Live members can check out the ad by heading off to Xbox Live Marketplace and downloading the 60MB video. The ad is made entirely on in-game graphics and looks pretty spectacular, so it's definitely worth a look.

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Silverwolf4469d ago

But I'm disappointed on MS for releasing this as a gold member exclusive. This is a first and I really hope last time they do something like this.

FamoAmo4469d ago

I hope MS does the Gold deal all the time. It will make people who are on the fence Jump In..

Yo Wassap4469d ago

And this news isn't a few stories down from here?

My reply is on the other one, it's a positive reply too.

TheMART4468d ago

Yeah just 8 stories below this one and the posts are exploding. I can't even imagine why that didn't make it to be the top story of the site

Yo Wassap4468d ago

Because somebody think the halo movie is more important

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