New Dynasty Warriors 8 Cutscene Screenshots

Tecmo Koei Europe has revealed a final selection of screenshots taken from the cutscenes of the forthcoming Dynasty Warriors 8. This new selection features many familiar faces as they engage in diplomacy; however they choose to define it.

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MattS1920d ago

I am so looking forward to this. Love me some Dynasty Warriors.

The_Truth_24_71920d ago

Same here. The series has improved quite a bit but people don't want to acknowledge it.

Master-H1920d ago

How did it improve quite a bit when all of the recent releases haven't matched DW4's quality let alone improve over it , in my opinion at least.

The_Truth_24_71920d ago

The list is too long and ain't nobody got time for that. The Truth has spoken.
DW4 was a let down. DW3 4lyfe!

Master-H1919d ago

Well to be fair and honest Truth, i havent played Dw2 or Dw3, i started playing from 4 and up, to me Dw4 is the best, mainly i think because the attacks and animations felt kinda weighty and heavy and overall more enjoyable ,unlike the newer ones where attacks feels light, i guess it has to do with the game engine. also this generation's Dw titles felt easier to me , specially dw7.