Violent video games free speech?

Conservative commentator Phyllis Schlafly has criticized the unbroken string of First Amendment decisions which have protected video games in recent years.

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CyberSentinel3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

"Legitimate free speech expresses violence in a rational context.."

Define "Rational"

Was what the romans did to Christ, rational?

How about german anti-semitism?

African Slave Trade?

Violence will always exist, because man is uncivilized.

thor3852d ago

I can see that these people still take the view that somehow video games "teach" you to be violent, how to fire a gun, how to hit someone etc. In my view, video games only make you _angry_ if they're far too difficult and you get reeealy frustrated, or your friend beats you in a game that you swear you're better than him at, i.e. you would get just as angry at, say portal (how the [email protected]#k do I do this with just 3 portals? It's NOT POSSIBLE AAAARGH), as at COD4 (you... just... killed me again. you utter @#[email protected]#). Postal, which she mentions, is meant to be having a go at all those who think games are too violent, by just being incredibly over-the-top (at least that's what I thought).