New Burnout Paradise Island Videos and Screenshot

Operation Burnout has reported that Criterion Games have uploaded an image and a couple of videos showing off the new island.

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TheWickedOne3946d ago

Looks decent, Love burnout. Just wished there was a replay option, instead of driving all the way back to the event again. Especially now that I only have a few events left.

BeaArthur3946d ago

The only bad thing about the game. Thankfully I still have about 85 races left until I have my burnout elite license.

Jinxstar3946d ago

That buggy looks like its gonna be my new car.

hotrider123946d ago

so basicly burnout is a game that you drive thru the city like a mad man and wrecked your car the most. for???....points??....I dont get the concept?? I wish "need for speed" had those jump off bridges actions while cops chasing you that would be sweet!!!!

TheWickedOne3946d ago

It's really not just about wrecking your car, although there are events called Showtime and thats all you do. But there are other events like Race, Stunt, Marked Man (cars try to wreck you until you get to a certain spot), and Takedown ( where you have to wreck so many cars in a certain time). It's open so you can do whichever events, whenever you want. Good game, and the online has like 350 more smaller events I believe.

MaximusPrime3946d ago

well i have been playing GT5:P. It is a fantastic game.

I still have Burnout Paradise and i never once consider selling it. I have been a fan of Burnout right from day one.

This news of new island and new vehicles is great! Thanks for the link to!

Milky3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

I am more excited about this than anything else AT the moment.