Gamedaily's list of Gamers' Worst Obssessions

Gamedaily reports:

''Loving games is fine, but some gamers get caught up in the madness. Do you have one of our top 10 obsessions?''

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cloud3603852d ago

gamedailys list sucks. pelase do not approve list from gamedaily

they put no thought into .rememebr last time they rated the xbox360 the best consoel of all time and there list are always in the wrogn order. or something

Harry1903852d ago

say so,but this list will go through.nice avatar you have here.

Shadow Flare3852d ago

they rated the xbox 360 the best console of all time??? I shouldn't say anything if i want to keep my bubbles

killer_trap3852d ago

good thinking. pick your battles well and you'll keep your bubbles safe.

iAmPS33852d ago

This made me realize I basically don't have any obsession.

Covenant3852d ago

I think it's intended to be sarcastic and ironic.

Achievements belong on the list...they're gaming crack...more of an addiction than an obsession.

Harry1903852d ago

the day i saw Aerith die for the first time(play the game often)
first time i realised that videogames were really special.

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