When Is the Best Time to Buy an HDTV? Answer: Probably Now

Some believe Spring to be the best time of year to buy an HDTV. Why? Because new HDTVs are released in the late spring or summer, and stores want to clear their inventory of old TVs beforehand. That usually means a sale.

The truth is, there are sales throughout the year. There are sales on Black Friday. Post-Christmas. Pre-Super Bowl. And Post Super Bowl. In fact, HDTV prices fall slowly throughout the year. If you're waiting for the lowest price, you may never actually purchase the television.

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fenderputty4243d ago

come in the months of November and December. Right when property taxes and Christmas is coming up. lol

meepmoopmeep4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

i should have waited to get mine. could have gotten a 1080p for the same price i paid for my 720p Sammy.
i would say the end of summer is the best time... that's when they usually start bringing out the newer models in prep for the holidays

user19244984243d ago

Buyin is fo suckas. Ima steal dat sh!t.

God bless.

akaFullMetal4243d ago

dude that is a horrible name

DaTrooF4243d ago

change that name

its one of those words that is very misunderstood..and can cause
alot of drama......ask Nas....he knows...

LevDog4243d ago

Best time to buy is any time really.. Just get last years Model.. I got a 56' Samsung DLP 1080p Slim for 1888 Last Feb... My Buddy got the 61' version of my Tv this Feb for only 1600.. Add in the 0% Interest for 3 years from best buy when you sign up for the Credit card.. Thats only 40 bucks a month (to pay off in exactly 3 years) or less.. I got a stand and Ps3 HDMI for 2400 and pay 61 bucks a month.. So really if your willing to get a last years version of a 1080p Tv there are massive deals out there.. Best buy has 40' Flat screen samsungs for 1400 if you like flat screens.. and best buy haggles price so you can talk them down prolly another 200 or more..

Yi-Long4243d ago

... so 'next month' is always cheaper and better, than 'today'.

I'll be buying a FullHD plasma in July. A Panasonic HD plasma is about 1200-1300 euro now, so that will be my budget, and in July I will just look for the best deal for that kinda money. If that Panasonic costs a hundred bucks less by then, that's also great.

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