Pachter: 13 million GTA IV sales this year "unlikely"

VG247: Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter has reacted to this morning's estimate from Hudson Square that GTA IV could sell up to 13 million units this year, telling videogaming247, "I suppose it's possible, but I think it's unlikely."

Pachter had previously said that he expects the game to hit 9 million copy sales before the end of Take-Two's financial year on October 31.

"Of course there is a chance of selling that many," he told videogaming247. "My estimate is truly just a function of the estimated installed base and a guess as to what the attach rate for the game will be to the installed base of consoles."

Pachter estimates that Sony...

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Exhaust4248d ago

While there are really rabid Halo fans its undeniable GTA is more widely known and loved. Halo 3 has a lot of haters whether they just don't like the game or they're Sony/PC fanboys. Fans of all platforms love GTA.

At first I thought 13 million was high but the break down of attach rates makes me think GTA IV could do it. Pachter doesn't think GTA IV can get over 33%. Maybe if the game comes out and doesn't meet the hype like Halo 3 maybe the sales will die off but if this game delivers majorally it'll have legs. Word of mouth more than hype could push it over 13 million by end of October easy with almost 40 million combined install base.

kewlkat0074248d ago

is in the right ballpark....

captainjy4248d ago

Why do people make Pachter's comments the final world on everything in gaming. The guy has been wrong many times before.