Intel Shuns Microsoft, Taps Linux for Mobile Net Devices

At the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai this week, the buzz was about the Atom processor, mobile Internet devices, and Linux. What wasn't buzzing? Microsoft. Welcome to the brave new world of computing sans Redmond.

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Massacre4481d ago

Just when you thought couldn't possibly go any worse for Microsoft, it does.

meepmoopmeep4481d ago

it begins... the downfall of an empire

AllroundGamer4481d ago

we can only hope for that to happen... but you never know, when the "Empire strikes back" :D

Everything, that has a beginning... has an end.

Genesis54481d ago

No. I think it will just be the downfall of their monopoly. It will be good for consumers to have more choice. They are going to have to learn to share.

TitanUp4481d ago

this isn't good for microsoft.

RealityCheck4481d ago

Just like when Microsoft dropped Intel and went with IBM for their second gaming console.

Drekken4481d ago

and that worked like a charm!

RealityCheck4481d ago

@3.1 I hear you :)

My comment was more meant however that in business, changing partners is par for the course.

Drekken4481d ago

lol i know, I wasn't disagreeing with you at all!! Just stating that quiet possibly it was a horrible choice.

tk4481d ago

It is just a small warning to MS from Intel...
Like MS did with Intel many years ago...

Intel started looking at OS and software development...
MS was not impressed - as their view was that they do everything from the metal up in the Wintel duopoly. So they made Windows NT 3.51 for RISC CPU's. Intel dropped the development... and MS dropped NT for RISC CPU's. Ten years+ later... we see Intel testing the waters again... maybe because MS is investing heavily in CPU development. Check how much IP they develop re CPU and GPU's. This is Intel's response. You develop Hardware... we support other OS... your move.

bootsielon4481d ago

Didn't know some of that, bubbles for you

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