Pocket Gamer Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review - 'One wing short of an angel'

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a lot like visiting a shady Korean massage parlour. Fans can assuredly welcome the unabashed servicing, but the happy ending may turn you off if you're not intimately acquainted with the series. Too much inside information is needed to enjoy Crisis Core, which makes it ill-suited to anyone that doesn't wear the label of Final Fantasy VII junkie. An unusual combat system counters gorgeous graphics and a lengthy, involved campaign for a role-playing experience that barely avoids a crisis of mediocrity.

Crisis Core suits you up as Zack Fair, a 2nd class member of the elite fighting force known as SOLDIER. The group acts as the premier special ops division of the power-hungry Shin-Ra Electric Company, taking on difficult assignments around the globe in order to protect the company's interests. As the game opens, Shin-Ra's war against the small Asiatic domain of Wutai has reached an all-time low with the disappearance of Genesis, SOLDIER 1st class. Zack accompanies his mentor, Angeal, to the island nation to put an end to the conflict and discover the whereabouts of Genesis.

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