10 Other Features for the XMB (Other than in-game XMB)

Three Speech writes: "Over the last few months the most requested feature for the XMB has got to be in-game messaging and custom sound tracks. It's got to the point where I haven't even seen any other feature requested for months. I thought I would throw my Top-10 users' XMB feature requests out there to get a healthy discussion on other things that the XMB and the PS3 needs.

I am sure that a few of these feature requests are going to be made redundant when Home and in-game XMB does eventually come out, but I am also pretty sure some of these features are for will still be outstanding this time next year…

1) Better handling of headsets

Imagine the scenario, if you will. You're kicking ass in Warhawk. Your clan is winning, but it's a close match. The blue team has some good players on it but due to your excellent teamwork the lead is yours. Then the zone you're guarding gets rushed, a tank stays in the distance and a jeep with three ground troops charges at you. You call for the help of your buddies but your Bluetooth headset is flat! Nooo! No fear, you still have your PlayStation Eye, you plug it in – and then realise that before it's going to be recognised by the PS3 you're going to have to quit the game, go to the accessory settings, change the default input device from the Bluetooth headset to the USB one and then re-load. Yes. You lost the zone; your clan lost the game.

If the PS3 could use the last connected device as the default audio input then you might have been able to call in support. Alternatively it could give the user the option to change the default audio devices in the controller I-D screen."

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tweaker4248d ago

The feature I want right now is the ability to password protect my media content and the ability to create and organize folders.

DongHungLong4248d ago

Don't want your mommy seeing your porn collection eh?

tweaker4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

I don't live with my mommy and daddy homie. Its my GF's visitors that I'm worried about when they come over.

But yes I want to password protect my pr0n! lol

AlterEgo4248d ago

you can create and organize folders already!

although it isn't like...HIGHLY self explanatory
takes a few steps, but its definitely do-able

princejb1344248d ago

all this article says makes alot of sence
and never thought of it

meepmoopmeep4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

i would like the feature to create/organize folders/content as well.
maybe be able to have custom avatars for PSN or at least they bring more out to choose from.

i bet once in-shirt XMB is out there will be less and less people screaming for XMB updates.

Fishy Fingers4248d ago

Custom avatars would be great, honestly I'm surprised we don't have that already. It's quite a logical thing to do and I can't imagine to challenging.

King20084248d ago

I use my Eyetoy as my mic and it gets lots of feedback when play COD4 so I have to mute people or turn down my Surround there a way to prevent or eliminate this??

Drekken4248d ago

I have the eye too and it absolutely blows for playing games. People complain all the time and I have it all the way turned down. The mic is way too sensitive!

-EvoAnubis-4248d ago

"3) Fix USB devices

Why are USB devices treated as second-class devices? I appreciate that you shouldn’t be able to download DRM’d games, music or video to your external hard disk, but why can’t I create an animated preview icon for my movies? Why are my albums all sorted incorrectly when they are stored on my external hard disk? Why is almost everything messed up when using an external hard disk?"

Because you're an idiot. Organizing the music on the PS3 itself before you transfer it over the an external HDD is so easy it's absurd. Just because you don't know how to do it doesn't mean it can't be done.

"On the movie side, things are much worse. A folder with around 40 or 50 movies in can take quite a few minutes to actually list all the files in the XMB. The movies seem to show up in chronological order, so if you have 30 episodes of the 1Up Show on your PS3 and you want to watch the latest one, you’re going to have to wait.

Things get much, much, worse when you’re using a USB hard disk too. So let’s tie this feature in with the above one and fix it all in one go."

See my above response, as it applies here too. Although I do agree with the fact that it takes awhile for movies from an external HDD to load, it's not as bad as he makes it seem.

All the other points I didn't comment on, I more or less agree.

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The story is too old to be commented.