Pachter: 16.3 million PS3s and 21.3 million 360s in US and Europe by year-end

VG247: Speaking to videogaming247, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter has predicted year-end console sales figures that will serve as a sobering reminder to Microsoft that Xbox 360 sales appear to be slowing.

"We expect Sony to have an installed base of 16.3 million PS3s by year end, and Microsoft to have an installed base of 21.3 million Xbox 360s (both figures are U.S. and Europe only, not counting Japan)," he said.

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HarryEtTubMan4247d ago

Add on Japan and PS3 is about 18 million ;)............. PS3 is catching up quick BOTS! HAHAHAHHAHA

Montrealien4247d ago

you are sad, very sad and not a gamer, remember that.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44247d ago

The xBox 360 has been out 1 year more than the PS3!!!
xBroken 360 should be Double PS3 sales but it's NOT!!! ;-D
+Gears 2 and GTA4 won't sell more xBroken 360's that much, people are not interested in that Last-gen Console anymore!!!
Never mind xBox Lemmings!You had a go!And you FAILED!!! ;-D

Hentai4247d ago

Emperor kutaragi, victory is almost yours. :)

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44247d ago

...My Lovely Disciples;) I know you will all enjoy the PS3 for years to come;) It just gets better and better ;-P
(these are just silly numbers pulled out of a hat!)

+I just found out Bill Gate$ has 15 million xBroken 360s in his Garage!!! ;-D

Pain4247d ago

Just watch MGS4 and GTA will help, but Real steam will pick up closer to end year

Just sit back and enjoy the show its going to be Wonderful.
unless you a bot then lol ouch!

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Clinton5144247d ago

But I'm no analyst. I'll leave that up to Mr. Patcher.

sonarus4247d ago

that is a pretty harsh 360 forecast. That is less than 4 million in US and UK.

InMyOpinion4247d ago

According to many (many many) PS3 fans on this site, the PS3 was supposed to surpass the 360 in sales this year.

What's up? =)

crck4247d ago

And will that be the new battle cry for 360 fans? Woohoo! we probably wont get passed up this year! We'll have to wait until 2k9 when FF 13, God of War 3 and GT5 come out! Just 6 months ago it was PS3DO and PS3 = Dreamcast... My how things have changed.

BeaArthur4247d ago

Clinton514...your probably better off not being an analyst because they are usually wrong. Now I am not trying to say who's going to sell more or whatever I'm just saying don't always believe analysts. There are games coming out that are a good or bad review away from significantly skewing his "prediction" (assuming his prediction is correct to begin with).

Harry1904247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

what are you trying to say?

That you missed the open zone?

i think yeah,that's what you meant
to say.

Anyway,things sure look good,20 million+
is about how much the original xbox
sold during it's -4years lifespan.
Not bad considering the 360 has been out for 2 years.
we are still a farcry from the e3 expectations:1 billion.
Things change gradually,not in one single generation.

And,oh yeah,Jenzo,you must be a time traveller,
because you already seem to be at the year's end,

wait i'll check.....yep...we're still in April.
hummm....thought i was wrong.

kevoncox4247d ago

The one thing these articles never take into consideration are price drops.

It single handledly saved the ps3 in July and i think it will spur both ps3 and 360 sales if 1 is announced....

However, it looks like the ps3 will catch and surpass the 360 in it's 4th year. That leave 2 more years for Sony as i believe the next gen 360 wwill launch at the end of year 6 or 7.

i Shank u4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

been very entertaining recently reading comments on this site such as:
"Just 6 months ago it was PS3DO and PS3 = Dreamcast... My how things have changed."

"after the one of the most brutal beatings from the media and forums in gaming history, ps3 fans now get to be happy..."

" Damn the PS3 -has really fought against the odds and has come nearly full circle in the face of incredible competition, hatred, and constant doubt.
I've never doubted it since launch day & I am so glad to own one. 11/17/2006 FTW"

"Let us commend our efforts valiantly.
Seriously, we need to host a worldwide party...for all those that believed in the PS3 from launch day! We will RISE!!!"

The Killer4247d ago

make sure u dont be an analysis for a company or u will bring down ur company with u!!

back to topic, i think patcher is close to the real numbers but i expect more like 17 million ps3 in Europe and USA, since launch ps3 sold in 1 year in USA, Europe market around 9 millions, with terrible launch and high price, but this year its completely different for ps3, ps3 sales increase more than 50% compare to last year, so if u put that to account then we should expect something like 13 million this year without japan so that basically 21 million ps3 by end of this year plus 3-4 million in japan it will be around 24 million worldwide install by 2008/12/31! thats my analysis and i put in my mind 100$ ps3 price cut!

zethos564247d ago

I doubt there will be a $100 price cut. $300 off in 2 years? That's insane.

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Angelitos4247d ago

With Japan the PS3 would be what- PS3 18mil and 360 22.1?

meepmoopmeep4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

and if these numbers (with Japan included) are to become true, then the 360 is going to be needing a very, very strong 2009 lineup to beat the release of FFXIII. if the install base is that close i can see that game alone closing in the install base in 2009.

shine13964247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

22.1? have you seen japanese figures? unfortunately x360 is a lost closer to zero then a the moment... so japanese figures won't really help might push the ps3 a little though...I think...

edit: just checked and x360's close to a million then I thought...its at around the 600,000 mark, but just so you know its not from a reputable source...but hey hands up when I wrong...
and to the person below...good spot...hadn't thought of you have gta...around halo release time was when x360 had huge sales..apart from chrismas...or maybe it was cuase they lowered the price or something...

crck4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

and 360 at 21.9 million if they were to continue at their current pace. Which probably wont happen since Fall and Winter usually see more sales.

VirusE4247d ago

meepmoopmeep, while i am inclinded to agree with you i wanted to point something out and get your opinion on it. I have since FF1 on nes been a die hard fan but in the past year i have started to notice a trend while posting on this site. That trend is an extreme hate and backlash towards jrpgs. I don’t agree with it because I have long been a jrpg fan but then again I also have been big into anime and eastern culture in general since I was about 6. We all know that in Japan FF is gold and that it will move tons of units but I am starting to question what FF13s impact will be in America with so much rampant jrpg hate this gen. Many very vocal reviewers have publicly bashed jrpgs (like Ben Yahtzee) and they sort of have a negative stigma surrounding them right now.

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boodybandit4247d ago

To get paid to make predictions and collect a pay check whether they come true or not. Where can I get a job like this? I am sure most of us that post here would love to get paid for our opinions.

Mike Bowden4247d ago

He doesn't get paid for his comments.

Clinton5144247d ago

and it's not simply guessing from the top of his head. There's research behind his predictions, whether he's right or wrong.

Montrealien4247d ago

“We expect Sony to have an installed base of 16.3 million PS3s by year end, and Microsoft to have an installed base of 21.3 million Xbox 360s (both figures are U.S. and Europe only, not counting Japan),” `

The rest is opinion. Bottom line, the videogame industry is thriving and that is what I see, the rest seems fanboyish and one sided.