81% of Japanese Plan to Buy Blu-ray Recorder

MyVoice Communications Inc has announced results of its survey on trends including consumer intention to purchase a DVD recorder. The company conducted the survey using the Internet from March 1 to 5, 2008, and received responses from 14,921 people.

Asked about their intention to purchase or replace a Blu-ray Disc recorder that virtually became the standard next-generation DVD recorder following the withdrawal of the HD DVD format, 81.4% of all respondents answered "I want to buy one."

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TriggerHappy3851d ago

PS3 spike pretty much confirmed based on this information. I guess the Japanese crowd are waiting for eventually jump in.

decapitator3851d ago

Pretty much correct trigger.

fenderputty3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

has been really confusing this gen. They all want/buy Blu-ray yet the PS3's aren't flying off of the shelves. HD-DVD almost never existed in Japan too. I know that PS3 lacks a lot of games that the Japanese like (FFXIII, MGS4, GT5, JRPG's) but, some of the games they like are here and yet nothing is really taking off. What's taking them so long to dive in? Meanwhile, they swarm to the Wii like flies on sh1t.

sonarus3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

2 things need to happen. HDTV costs go down, ps3 and blu ray costs go down. More steady flow of ps3 games would also be a big help. HD movies are becoming inevitable however it will be too difficult for sales to take off till prices come down. Sony as of right now is doing piss poorly in JP. They need that momentum that can put them in the 40,000 range for at least a week

Massacre3850d ago

Damn, thats a lot of folks waiting to jump in. Wonder when that will be.

iAmPS33850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

"Download is the future, Blu-Ray is doomed."

XTARDS, you suck up to Nazisoft and you will never taste high def, and I mean real high def that only Blu can offer you.

Jump ship while you can, don't waste another penny on faulty/outdated hardware.

supremacy3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

the day the wii will fall to second place in definite my friends. plus the games will probably have arrive to back that as well.

theory people will buy these, burn their movies or games and than play them on their ps3's is that simple. they will get a ps3 for this purpose as they are currently cheaper and getting cheaper in japan. never mind the games coming.

plus hitachi and TDK are said to be working on quad layer 100gb and 8 layer 200gb discs that they promise will be compatible with current players out in the market including the ps3.

so yeah... final fantasy 13 will be find on just one disc baby i wouldn't tolerate multiple discs, i guess ive been spoil

you guys imagine a game like lost oddessy on the ps3 on one dual layer 50gb disc? how would that make the 360 version look? lol just kidding. but no seriously....

just my opinion.

GamerMan3850d ago

That this is about the Blu-ray "recorder" and not the PS3 or any other console? At least that is my reading comprehension of this news.

They are most likely talking about PC and Stand alone recorders just like hte DVD has out right now.

I definitely know when they get in an affordable price range I will get one for my PC because it would be nice for my ghost backups of my PC.

fenderputty3850d ago

but this also means that at least 84% of the people want a Blu-Ray player as well. Unless they're all buying standalone units, they PS3 should be moving more consoles in Japan. I know it's lacking some JP style games but, it's not like sales in Japan are stellar by any means.

I'm hoping FFXIII helps to change that but who knows. The victory of Blu-Ray hasn't had the same affect in Japan as it's had in the EU and the States.

supremacy3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )


but what im saying is that those same or a good portion of those people will likely used these devices to burn movies and than used their ps3's if they have em or buy one if they need one which is also to say since ps3's cost a lot cheaper in japan and will most likely keep dropping in price due to its current stand in the japanses market. i don't see why this cant happen.

hey the same happen with the ps2 a lot of people bought burners started burning movies games and porn on there pc's as well as some anime and in no time these were being used in ps2's as well.

its just like how they burn a game. besides a ps3 what other system other than a more costlier stand alone player can play blu ray movies? just do the math for a sec.

understand what im saying?

brothersimon3850d ago

81% of people get ripped off :(

Not as bad as the people who bought PS3 though, they got it the worst.. :(

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