European MGS4 boxshot revealed?

It is said that Konami has revealed the official European boxshot for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

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AlterEgo3876d ago

meh...even though that image is spectacular, i've gotten too used to it although i see a few small graphical updates

i hope they give us something new!

sonarus3876d ago

lets hope that isn't final and if it is, it is just for europe i prefer the one where it looks like snake is about to go super saiyan lol

AlterEgo3876d ago

well Payton said that the super saiyan snake photo (dissolve), will only be used for the Metal Gear Saga 2.0 DVD, which it already has...

BUT, he also said that we haven't seen the boxart yet, and that they were still working on it.

So more than likely, it'll be something different.

Although I'm not sure if he was talking EU, JPN, or NA...

I'm in North America btw


Phil Harrison Mklll3876d ago

I'd get it even if it came out in a cardboard box! :D

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UnblessedSoul3876d ago

I like it too, glad it isn't a major change from what it was before

Mr_Kuwabara3876d ago

Ten bucks the Japanese and European versions will be a tad bit similar, but the U.S. will be completely different.

Marceles3876d ago

Nah, I think if any country's boxart will be different, it'll be Japan's, but the game is also getting a worldwide release, so they might even keep the boxart the same for all regions.

Vertius3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

American boxart is sometimes different then what is released in Europe and Japan. Look at the numerical Final Fantasy titles: Japan and Europe get the logo, the U.S. gets it's own creation.

I'm not saying that's what going to happen with MGS4, I'm just pointing it out.

PS3rd3876d ago

Oh god!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!! super!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

butterfinger3876d ago

do you troll these PS3 posts? You're pathetic, and I'm glad you'll never get to play this on a 360. You are everything that is wrong and annoying about N4G.

iAmPS33876d ago

I know you want this game, you want this game bad.

Phil Harrison Mklll3876d ago

Sounds like his JEALOUS BIG TIME! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.