Microsoft Warns April Will be Big Month For Patches

Microsoft is to release eight security updates next week, five of which are rated critical by the software vendor. The critical patches affect Windows, the VBScript programming software, Microsoft Project and Internet Explorer, which will get two updates. They will be released as part of the company's monthly software update cycle, which mandates security updates on the second Tuesday of each month, known as Patch Tuesday.

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decapitator4481d ago

Hope for the good and not the worse.

BrianC62344481d ago

When it comes to Microsoft every month is a big month for patches. They sure have a lot of bugs in their software.

Sarick4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

With as many security holes in OS's its amazing that they can still find new ones that have existed since windows 95.

Either the software wasn't coded for security or just plain bad coding. With all the people working on them things should be super secure by now.

So, if new patches are being created every week it makes me worry how many are still in them.

Bladestar4481d ago

BrianC6234, Sarick ..... lol... braking news... MAC, LINUX also get patches.... firefox gets patches every 3-4 days... Only if you knew better you would understand how big OS are and how dedicated hackers are... didn't MAC new OS get hacked in minutes?

As a programmer I can tell you that code can never be 100% secure... if there is a door; there is always a way to get in...

So, why does Windows get more security updates? Isn't this obvious? It supports more programs and it targetted more by hackers do to installbase.

ohh and yeah... "security holes" are not always on the OS.. but on software installed... most hacks are done using 3rd party software... like in the case of VISTA with flash....

It's like installing VNC in your computer and setting a 12345 passwork... and blaming the OS for it.