Sony Shutting Down Online Servers For Many PS2, PSP Games

Boston (dbTechno) - Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that they will begin to shut down the servers for many PS2 and PSP games. The games announced will all go offline as of June 30, 2008.

The full list of games is mostly made up of PS2 offerings, with the moret popular releases being Jak X, Amplitude, and Twisted Metal Black Online.

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Massacre3848d ago

Twisted Metal Black is going offline ? Kinda sucks but good times...good times.

Sweettooth FTW...


decapitator3848d ago

I'd own you with Spectre all day..

mikeslemonade3848d ago

Not a big deal here because Sony knows no one actually plays in those games.

spec_ops_comm3847d ago

Hey, as long as they keep the SOCOM I and II servers up, I couldn't care less! :D

decapitator3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )


Clinton5143848d ago

I'm sure those servers have been barren for months and possibly years now.

meepmoopmeep3848d ago

*uses time travel powers*

ahh... i see theMart & his hoolagins posting here.

on topic: if a game is apparent that not very many people log on to play it is only wise to close them down. no sense in wasting electricity and finances to keep it up if no one is using it.

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