Grid Official movie

In this Exclusive movie learn about cars,crashes and environmental effects about Grid from Ralph Fulton (chied game designer)

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InMyOpinion4241d ago

I have no idea what he just said, but the footage looked great. The damage modelling is the best I've seen since Burnout Paradise and I really like the looks of the in-car view.

360Jamaican40GigFL4241d ago

u just proved ur americaness by saying "I have no idea what he just said" on the other hand fvck paying $60 for 45 cars

InMyOpinion4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

I'm from Sweden and was being sarcastic.

When did I say anything about the number of cars or the price of the game? I commented on the damage modelling and the in-car view.

Are all jamaicans as crazy as you?

creeping judas4241d ago

i can just see all the GT5P fanboys going on and on about cars, graphics, and GT has sold over 12million copies, [insert fanboy comment here].
give it a rest will ya.

Primetimebt4241d ago

45 cars that it? The so called GT Demo comes equiped with with over 50 cars and onlycost 1/3 less.

Daz4241d ago

Your moaning aboyt 45 cars? so what, if the games is fun i dont care. Motorstorm is a good example not many tracks and cars but really fun.

InMyOpinion4241d ago

I thought the essence of a racing game was the racing. The gameplay. If it's fun to play or not. Silly me. I guess what's important are graphics, number of cars, number of cars on screen at once, framerate etc.

Do you play games because you think they are fun or do you play games because they are fun to look at?

GRID isn't trying to be Gran Turismo or the other way around.

They both look like good racing games so just shut the...and play them.

Blademask4241d ago

Gimmie gimmie gimmie more more more.

This game looks like SOOOOOOOO much fun. 45 cars, meh who cares. It doesn't look like a game to collect cars, and all games aren't supposed to be like that.

I just hope you can use the G25 steering wheel, if NOT i hope its out on the PC then.

xm15e2s4241d ago

GRID looks like it is going to be FUN!
I can't wait until it's released.

I couldn't care any less about how many cars are in the game. I don't buy a game based on how many cars it has in it, I buy and play games to have fun.

GT5 might be a big technical achievement, but that isn't going to matter much if it's boring as sh!t to play.