First image of Fable 2 prostitutes

OXM UK writes: "As the title of this news story tells you, here's the first image of the prostitutes from Fable 2!

The third one is our favourite. She's got to be worth at least three penny farthings!

It's just concept art and not an actual screenshot, sadly, but give it time and we're sure digital prostitutes will emerge from Lionhead HQ. Hooray?"

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Clinton5143946d ago

These have been shown atleast for 2 months or so now.

TnS3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

It is almost a month old on OXM too:
Friday 7-Mar-2008 10:39 AM

And already posted:

Cyrus3653946d ago

my bad fellaws, TNS is absolutely right. I only glanced at the date posted, my apologizes.

decapitator3946d ago

Yeah these are old but damn, these broads are ugly as hell. Even the prettiest one is ugly.

Panthers3946d ago

THe prettiest one is ugly because of the shadowing. But i think standing next to the other 2 makes her look better.

The middle one has bruised Knees LOL.

Richdad3946d ago

This screen shots are from along time. Man and 3rd one is favorite. What 3 penny I mean seriously one should get a million of money for being with her, paying is way too insane.

Nodoze3946d ago

...but I saw Spitzer with the one on the right!

ShadesMoolah3946d ago

This news is older and uglier than the lady on the right!

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The story is too old to be commented.