OXM UK: Fable 2 Preview - Peter Molyneux reveals online co-op, online gambling and massive griefing

You need to know who your friends are before playing Fable 2. One of the best new details revealed at the Game Developer Conference, online co-op, quickly became one of the more terrifying during the demo: Peter Molyneux invited a friend to join his game, only to see him kill his spouse.

Admittedly, it wasn't a very warm family scene to begin with. The Molynator (actual GamerTag) was playing a female adventuress who hadn't been home for six months, so he wasn't receiving a warm welcome. His six-year-old son laid on the guilt, "Don't ever leave us alone again!" and the husband was gearing up for a more extended whinge when the henchman became bored and slayed him. And started pointing and giggling.

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