Eurogamer: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Wii Review

Eurogamer writes: "Playing spot the difference every year can get a bit exasperating when it comes to Pro Evolution Soccer. Especially when the incremental changes somehow conspire to polarise opinion. We all (perhaps naively) imagined that Konami would use next-generation technology to create a footy experience that was not only unassailably realistic, but also technically adept.

On the evidence of the last two PES releases the truth, somewhat depressingly, is that Konami is stuck in a bit of a rut. With niggly gameplay issues compounded by dreadfully borked online play and an ongoing failure to resolve the licensing and presentation issues, the franchise's dominant position among the hardcore is facing a bigger threat than ever."

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PS360WII4246d ago

this seems to be the version to get. The controls just look insane on it ^^