Hands-on with the Asus EN9800 GX2: Faster than Death

Want twin graphics cards, but your motherboard only has one PCI Express slot? We think we may have found the solution. We've just been playing with the Asus EN9800 GX2, a graphics adaptor that combines two separate graphics processing units in a single... box thingy. Think dual-core, but for 3D games.

The first thing we noticed about the card was that it's absolutely immense. It's bigger than any other graphics card we can remember and resembles a miniature metallic coffin. It's gorgeous, though -- we actually had people gathering round gawking at its sturdy metallic frame and drooling on the artwork.

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decapitator4483d ago

" Faster than Death"

I gotta find out more about this..

bumnut4483d ago

He does not give much info about what quality settings were used for the tests

davez824483d ago

where are the benchmarks? what a waste of a read