IDF: Intel Closer to Graphics Card Production

It's been known for a short while that Intel is planning to make a graphic chip using the IA32 architecture. Intel has yet to announce many details at IDF, but Pat Gelsinger confirmed in an interview that the first Larrabee products would arrive as graphics cards and not as graphic cores, integrated into Nehalem. The first prototypes will appear this year.

Intel will not make these cards itself, but will leave the production to other firms, as do AMD and nVidia. Gelsinger added that the cards with Larrabee-1 chips were initially intended for gaming PCs and workstations, but servers that handle scientific calculations, like nVidia Tesla systems, were not inconceivable.

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decapitator4484d ago

They have been making graphic cards for a while now. It just isn't as good as the big dawgs. Hope they mean, they are stepping it up.

Massacre4484d ago

No offense decap but Intel graphic cards are the WORSE. Some of them can't even run year old games.