Comcast opens up Super-speedy Internet

New York (NY) - Comcast this week began offering a new tier of Internet speed, allowing users a 50 mbps connection, which is quick enough to download a full HD movie in 10 minutes.

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decapitator3848d ago

Damn.,...thats pretty fast. Will look into this and see if it's for me.

sonarus3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Woohoo $150 a month nice. I can't wait to pay through my nose just to download movies in 10mins.

PS3n3603848d ago

There gonna start using these speads to advertise digital downloads as the new media. Unfortunately these turbo connections are pretty damn pricey. If you factor in the cost per month for the connection plus the cost to rent a movie it will be a tough sell for Joe WalMart. But damn for the porn enthusiast this is great.

gta_cb3847d ago

in time the price will go down. i have a 20MB connection on cable broadband and for this this is great, i personally dont mind having to wait 20mins to download a HD movie as it would take that amount of time to go and rent it, also fuel money etc. but then i prefer to have the disc to keep... anyway yeah the price will go down =)

Kyur4ThePain3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Mmm, yeah.
I could buy 5 Blu-Rays per month for that price.
No thanks.

But I will add, though, that this is cool in general.

Close_Second3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

...give it a few years and the price will have come drown dramatically. Soon it will become more cost effective to download HD movies directly to your central media HDD. Mind you, solid state memory prices are falling you you may be downloading to muli-terrabyte flash drives or something...who knows.

A 50mb connection will download 20Gb in about an hour. Won't be long and you'll be able to access a media site using your cellphone to download the latest blockbuster release to your media centre at home. By the time you get home its done and waiting for you to watch.

Faster internet speeds and the cost on the environment of manufacturing and shipping discs around the world will mean that digital distribution will be the primary means of buying media in the years to come. Its only the current generation of people buying discs who are finding this so hard to accept. Hell, my kids are never going to go into a store and buy music on disc just like I never pruchased music on LPs or Tape.

I own a PS3 but to date do not own one blu-ray movie. Why? well, regardless if its on disc or downloaded I just don't see the point of buying movies anymore. I use to own over 300 DVDs but sold them all off when I came to the realisation that:

a. When the hell do you ever get the time to watch them all.
b. I would only watch most them once or twice anyway (very few movies are actually worth or need repeat viewings)
c. When they're on TV you find yourself watching them again anyway, even if they are littered with commercials...strange but true.
d. My house was looking more like a Blockbuster video store than it was a home.

So, when people say I'd rather pay $30-$50 for a movie on Blu-Ray, I say I could rent it more times than I would ever watch it for the same amount of money.

kurochi3848d ago

here I come!!! (sarcasm)

RealityCheck3848d ago

I wonder what the monthly limit is in total download?

Also, it probably has a "user agreement" about them being allowed to "manage traffic".

At that price, is the bandwidth guaranteed or on best effort basis?

Does it require a FiOS-like install or is it using the same coax as TV?

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The story is too old to be commented.