People "Probably Won't" Need Discrete Graphics Cards Anymore – Intel

Shanghai (China) – The days of discrete graphics cards are coming to an end, according to an Intel representative we talked to at the Shanghai Intel Developer Forum. Ron Fosner, an Intel Graphics and Gaming Technologist and former video game programmer, told TG Daily that multi-core CPUs will put an end to multi-GPU madness and that people "probably won't need" discrete cards in the future.

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decapitator3850d ago

Its not that people won't need em, If the prices keep going up, people will simply jump ship and join the console era.

Tempist3850d ago

Agreed. Then again, this is just another Intel stab towards AMD / Nvidia.

ar3850d ago

Don't you mean AMD / ATI?

JsonHenry3849d ago

This is because Intel can't break into the discreet market, so they say no one will need it... YEAH RIGHT. Keep dreaming Intel.

BrianC62343850d ago

Based on this report it looks like Intel is trying to copy what IBM, Toshiba and Sony did with the Cell. Maybe they should get the idea patented so nobody else can make a chip that can use a bunch of cores to do graphics. It isn't as bad as a lot of the patents out there.

Maddens Raiders3850d ago

but how do they put a patent on that idea?

-- "Fosner said that “everybody” knows how to program for a CPU and that this new way of programming will “get rid of” a path of graphics obsolescence." --

Good idea and procedural efficiency.