Gran Turismo creator talks to

Damage modeling, weather effects, Home, Gran Turismo PSP and more.

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Iamback4244d ago

So he basically confirmed GT PSP for 2009? That was unexpected.

PirateThom4244d ago

Meh, the game was announced in 2004 as Gran Turismo 4 Mobile. It's been pushed back a few (hundred) times.

That said, they want to make it an exact port of Gran Turismo 4 and if anyone can do it, Polyphony Digital can.

CyberSentinel4244d ago

Face it, the GT franchise is old and tired. It has not evolved since 2005. No physic engine yet for real time damage? How much time does this broken legged horse need to run again? ANOTHER YEAR NEEDED FOR GT5? Someone please take this dying horse to the back of the barn and shoot it.

Play Forza 2 or PGR4 for true next gen racing! Community features already built in. [email protected]

Thank You God There Is An American Alternative Choice To Foreign Gaming.

RiseOfMonster4244d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-- wtf are you talking about?

Shadow Flare4244d ago

yeah, shut up cybersentinel, you actually don't have a clue what you're talking about

Harry1904244d ago

a brainless spambot who can't see quality.
Next thing you are going to say,let me guess:

FF series has never evolved,look at all those jrpgs.Sony can't
get any good games for its console,i mean what the hell man,
does it satisfy you to talk crap everyday?does it?

pwnsause4244d ago

????? so why was Forza not in the NY Auto Show, but GT was? have you tried the G25 with GT5 prologue yet? you know that you cannot compare PGR4 or Forza (aka, newcomers in the racing Genre although they got there games released on the original Xbox and still got their [email protected] handed down by GT4 in terms of visuals and physics) to GT. when a Company like Lexus(part of the Toyota Umbrella) Mercedes Benz or Nissan gives their full support for GT and Polyphony Digital (Nissan BTW worked with Sony and Polyphony Digital in a Joint Venture to program for the new GT-R) you know theres a reason why. the Physics and the game emulates almost to %100 what a GT-R can do in real life. please you fail.

iAmPS34244d ago

"VideoGamer.Com: Do you play any of the 'rival' racing games, such as Forza and PGR? What do you think of them?

KY: I try them out a little bit. The only impression I get from those games is that the only benchmark for Gran Turismo is Gran Turismo and we have to base ourselves on that."

LOL, that pretty much proves how far beyond GT5 is.

2 cents4244d ago

I wish i could see what you see in Forza2. I completed the game and still playing now and then, but i find it to be even far behind prologue let alone the full GT5. PGR is ok, gotta give that game some credit. But GT5P still pwns every racing game that i played.

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shine13964244d ago

gt psp version...might be very cool...your in a car driving a car sim...or your in a ford escort drving an ferrari f1 car.

bumnut4244d ago

forza is crap! no weather, no night races, few tracks, poor ai.

pgr4 is a decent game though

Bill Gates4244d ago


I've been waiting for GT Mobile since 2004. This is great news!!

I new my patience would pay off. Now only about 11 more months to go....AHAHAHAHAHA

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