Microsoft Extends Availability of Windows XP

After the surprising success achieved by Asus with its cheap Eee PC laptop, and the news that some other manufacturers are planning to present similar devices, Intel has mentioned at the IDF that it is envisaging not only mobile internet devices but also particularly cheap PCs and laptops (Nettop and Netbook) as an area of application for its new Atom processors.

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Madbrain3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

thats why they can't abandon XP...
at least not until next version of -really-working-Windows...

decapitator3849d ago

This can only mean good news. I'd still support it myself even when they axe it.

Fishy Fingers3849d ago

They know that if they were to axe XP people would still get hold of it through different mean's. Whether that be through ebay or torrent (etc) is irrelevant, they all equal the same, no money for MS.

Marcello3849d ago

If M$ had dropped XP certain groups on the net would have picked it up, hacked it to death and probarly made constant fixes all for free leaving no need at all for spending cash on Vista.

Long Live XP !!!!

Sarick3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

When I was on the market for a laptop with minimal specs at a cheap price the Eee was one of my options. I choose to ignore that unit because the software was so restricted and the on board memory was flash based. Later on I managed to get a full new laptop PC from newegg for the same price as the Eee. Love this $399 Asus 3050 laptop. It has everything I need even a new vista OS. For $50 I upgraded the ram to 2gb the 512mb was kinda weak.

With the Eee not only would I have had a hard time installing software but the fact that the flash ram might fail after a lot of rewrites worried me, especially if I installed a custom OS.

I have the same worries about consoles today that use flash memory firmware and constantly update it. Eventually this flash ram will become damaged and no longer work. Wii for example stores favorites and such on the main flash ram. These favorites and cookies are always getting written and rewritten.

The XP os is one of those OS that constantly change the data on the drive updates etc. So these devices with limited re-write solid state memory worry me a lot.

Silvia0073849d ago

Once XP finally kicks the bucket, it's on to linux. No way in hell I'm going with Windows 7.