Nintendo Loses its Mind, GTA V Gameplay, Xbox One flip flop & more! This Week in Gaming

Yamilia from writes: "Welcome back to This Week in Gaming! The news show where I scream at you the trendy topics you should care about! In this episode, I go over how Nintendo went crazy, how much drooling over Grand Theft Auto V Twitter did, and we see more companies flip flopping. Every week, I tell ya. Maybe I should just change this to “OH WAIT NEVERMIND MOMENTS IN GAMING.” Amirite? I’m right. Probably a long title. Watch the episode and let me know what you think about it all! What’s a game company backpedaling act that comes to mind for you?"

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doogiebear3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

She aiight.

Muffins12233068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

By sexy do you mean she is one of the rare girl gamers that dose not look like a obesity monster man like figure?Then yes she is sexy

zalanis3069d ago

yo for real, i see you in the future as an ign chick or maybe an n4g chick rep. very nice video, you very original.

Starbucks_Fan3069d ago

You know who else lost their mind? Flordia's judicial system

ApolloTheBoss3069d ago

Not the place, man. But you do know that it's all a ruse to push an agenda, right?

Campy da Camper3068d ago

Mhmm...for once the judicial system did its job. Someone was not tried and convicted by the media. Gives me hope.

soljah3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

lol but she's kind of interesting. i actually watched the whole video and she did make a few good pts when talking about the gaming news

edit kind of reminds me of boxxy but with more to say

titans99993067d ago

Tru dat, if I wasn't married, I might have date her, but then again maybe not, but maybe...

SynestheticRoar3068d ago

Strange and those eye brows. Her chip tooth gives her character tho.

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